This is a true story, I am not kidding you. It gets believable, but this is no fake story I made up.

I was playing my favorite game, a civilization mini-builder with hacker and griefer problems. Well, one day I came on and started playing it. I enjoyed myself until the skybox turned pure black, everyone started sparkling, and fog circled us 40 studs. I, being kind of immature and stupid, spawned in a brick, and put a satanic star on it.

Still being immature, I told everyone to come. I told one guy to stand in the center of the star, and everyone else to stand on a point of the star. Quickly the music went from europop to creepy and dark. The guy in the center immediately disappeared. Then a random person standing on a tip disappeared. Slowly everyone disappeared, until I was left. I was disconnected with the red banner saying "Thank's for the sacrifice, I want another one tomorrow."

This occurred for a week, and on the 7th day the red banner said "Satan is happy, you may go about peacefully. For now."

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