It was 11/13/16 and I remembered "your blood is mine" and D@fIdIl123.  I was surprised she wasn't banned after all these horrible things she did. D@fIdIl123 had gotten friends and she had a brother called BLOODISNICE456. Then she had loads of comments. This is what they were: "YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!!!! LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".I commented "YOU MURDERED ROSE AND PEARL!!!!!!!!!" .But then a girl named Scary Sue replied: "Are you a fool? No one wants to mess with D@fIdIl after she got friends like me!" and I said "lol no. :3". Then D@fIdIl saw it and said: "AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! MY WEAKNESS KAWAII FACES!!!!!!!!!!". Then everyone on her freind list poured in their anger. Then Scary Sue messaged me this: "you have no escape, you will play the game and become sn ɟo ǝuo. " and the link to "Your Blood Is Mine".

 I was very scared as we all played . Soon we took foot in da machine  and saw D@fIdIl crying. Then she said this: "I don't have many friends cuz of what i have done..." Then the door locked behind us. Then D@fIdIl came closer and said "Please accept it.". Then we all got a friend request from D@fIdil so we accepted it and she said "thank you...". Then Scary Sue said "thanks for becoming  sn ɟo ǝuo.". Then now whenever we type /blood on your page blood appears. N O W B E C O M E O N E OF US! ˙ǝıp ɹo ʍou   

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