hi my name is jake spears, today i'm talk about my exprience of what happen to roblox. well it all started with me playing roblox until i play one of my favorite games "flood escape" but then, someone join my server... her name is fathergrimm, her avatar is a man wearing a some kind of court dracula like shirt and a dark minion mask

i send a friend request to fathergrimm, then he accept my friend request.. one day, i got a message from fathergrimm

subject: SING WITH ME

description: hi do you like me? please play my friends game and sing a nursery rhyme

it was posted on sep 7, 2015, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?! so i had to check his profile and fathergrimm's description says "Die Welt bald finden, dass die Notwendigkeit für die unbekannte es ist notwendig für das Leben übertrifft." in a german like word, i had to use with google translator, it translate to "The world soon find that the need for the unknown it is necessary for life is exceeded." i thought it was a sick joke, her friends names were jabberwocke, threeblindmicee, hickorydoc, oldkingkoal, humpteedumptee and solomongrundee

i check jabberwocke's profile her description is far more scary so i check his place, the game thumbnail shows a white figure with black eyes he was stand in a tree in a blue foggy forest it was scary, i click the play button, i was in a blue foggy forest with creepy music playing in the background, i walk though the blue foggy forest until i encounted that figure that was in that thumbnail, then i saw a dinosaur like skull (or it was just a gaster blaster) it was so giant and big, until her eyes follows me, so i left

i check threeblindmicee's profile, her description is like three blind mice, what is going on? i check her place the only thing in the game thumbnail was that darm figure who was in jabberwocke's game thumbnail now on this, he was in a room and was holding a sword, i clicked the play button, the game featureds a some kind of hallway, the walls are made of plates, i walk though it, i tried to find mices but there is no mices at all except from that god darm music, i got teleported to a room there was that figure holding a sword like in the thumbnail

i check hickorydoc's profile her desc looks normal but a nursery rhyme, he was a creator and he made a creepy mesh but a model named him, her place is not creepy but him that appears in that thumbnail, i click play, i was in a giant room there was a clock which was broken, that tick tock sound is not good, there was a mouse inside the clock, but when i go around the couch i saw three blind mice. i rather get teleported by this room i saw him holding a head of someone and there was a dead girl

i check oldkingkoal's profile not fucking riddles, i check his game and him is standing a creepy smile, i clicked play, i was in outside were the bridge opens there is no bridge, the music is from the happiest day minigame from five nights at freddy 3, i just saw a cross in the center alone with old king cole began to suffer the fire, i explore around try to find secrets, but i saw is that clock and the mouse, i decide to go inside the castle ounce im inside i get teleported by this room, theres faces everywhere and him was holding a black ball

i check humpteedumptee's profile (you know what i hate humpty dumpty it gives me nightmares) i check his place because him is in that thumbnail!!!, i click the button, it shows a foggy forest and a brick wall there's something in a corner, its a dinning table, theres chairs made with human parts, theres skeletons, and one of the skeletons was old king cole, i dont know whats behind that wall, so i check behind the wall, it was a dead humpty dumpty in a pool of blood, i didn't realized that the brick walls was a ladder, so i climb and got teleported, i was inside in a room with two dead bodies, how could this happen?

finally i check solomongrundee's profile (cliche) he was all blue, i check her game and him in a cave, i clicked the button, i was in a forest with camp tables and chairs there was creepy music and a childish singing (i hope she is singing solomon grundy) i was explore around until i encounted a table and a chair there was a picture of a void crown and candles and a record player, i look out of the map and saw a cave so i enter i found dead bodies, i found a hole in a tree and i found him, however there was another hole in a tree but this time i found a young humpty dumpty but were i go to another cave that was in yet another tree, this cave has three bodies theres a baby cage with a baby, a screamer appear it wheres so loud then i left

i got a message from fathergrimm , the subject name was a link to his place it was called "meeting of minds"

i was in a white baseplate i just saw something in the distance it was fathergrimm and his friends, then the creator joined and said "dont you like nursery rhymes?" then i said "i hate everything" then he said "how about five little monkeys jumping on the bed?" i scream and said "wait no please stop this no noooooooo" it cut to static i was in roblox my avatar changed to a sinister thing like a half creepy bunny half doge tail and half black bunny suit, my desc changed to the nursery rhyme named five little monkeys jumping on the bed my place is now spooky, it shows a bedroom theres him in the window and five little monkeys, one of them cut his head with a knife, and the other has blood in his head, mother monkey got drown in the dish washer and doctor monkey begans to break a mirror and blood splatter everywhere