I'm curious. As curious as a cat. I love going into games that dont get visits. I always expect an empty baseplate going into unedited games. I played my last one today.

Fall Damage is a parkour game where you jump on platforms from up to down, avoiding fall damage. There were 3 visits, but no likes, favorites, or comments. I spawned in a stamper built lobby. I opened a door to a big clifflike heaven place. I jumped to the first platform.

The fall damage was really small, but the camera tilted as I fell, making it very realistic. I jumped and jumped, then just when I felt so pro, I fell too low. I didnt die, but the fall was so sudden it shocked me. I felt a strange pain in my feet after.

I aimed for the next jump, but I accidentally entered a WIP area of the map. It was pitch black, and there were humanoids that seem to be controlling the game. I was astonished at how well scripted it was. They all faced away from me, and they were also avoiding me, like they werent showing their faces.

I opened a door, and it revealed one doing dark magic. It was a weird easter egg, I can tell. But the door was so exposed it felt like I was supposed to go there.

The next jump was impossible. I aimed my best. I focused..Then I went for it.

Everything went slow motion like an action movie. I failed, and fell onto a lower platform. It, again, was so sudden it felt realistic. My feet stung like I was a freerunner.

Level one complete. Level two wasnt level two, because it was the last one. There were no labels saying it was level two. Everything was white, I couldnt see anything or any platform. The message "Jump" appeared like a jumpscare.

I fell, I knew it was game over. The fall killed me, about 1k studs down. The blood was everywhere, and I can see my legs on the floor. Everything faded black. =

My family walked in shock. They tried to wake me up, but failed.

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