All black.

They say when the good times end, the memories last. I wish I could share that same experience, but I can't.

My name is not able to be provided, however you may call me A.

Yes, A, as in the letter "A".

I need to tell you what I can before it happens again, so i'll hurry it up. 

Can't see.

I went blind long ago, but I have a voiceover for ROBLOX that lets me know what people say, or so i've heard. It's weird, really. Talking to people who are my friends. Anyone could claim they are my friend with the program, really. If I am blind how can I write this? I use the same system, I am merely talking.

Roblox is gone.

I can't elaborate into detail on this. It'd just make you freaked out right now, and you'd be just like the rest. Calling me crazy, telling me to go to an institution. So don't even bother asking.

Help Me.

It's about to happen to me again, don't even bother asking. I'll be back, until then, don't try looking deeper into my story.

I can only write in poems for now, that's all that's left to say that I am able to. 

I'll be back.

I promise.