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DO NOT take credit for anything I wrote here.

One day, I was bored. So, I randomly starting looking for games on the web. There was one particular game that caught my eye...

It was called roblox!

I read the player reviews, and they were all pretty good, so I decided to play the game.

I created my very first character, called O1225, and I played a lot with it. But one day I decided I didn't like the name, and I didn't have enough robux to make a new one at the time, so I created a new account. It was called Rhylinqueen. I loved that name (The person is a girl)!

I started getting really addicted to the game. I had bought OBC, and I had alot of robux, tickets, limiteds, and uniques. I had even started my own clan group, and it was growing successfully. I was a few steps away from being famous!

-Two years later-

One day I got home from a long, boring day of school. I went up to my room and grabbed a book from my bookshelf to read. But, there was something behind the book (Yes I know that is very unlikely. Continue reading please). It was a small sticky note, and it said this:


Username: Rhylinqueen

Password: 8394Rhylie

(That is not my real account)

Ohhh, I remember that game!

I decided to log on and play. I noticed I had a message up in the corner. Hmm, that's odd. Why would someone send me a message after all this time? The message was from someone called GotyouAshlyn!

I was freaked out, not because of the fact you can't use punctuation in usernames, but at the fact the player knew my name (Not my real name). It sent me various statements;






I stared at the messages for a while. Then it suddenly hit me: All the messages we're missing their O letters. I wondered why he would do that. Then, I got another message: From O1225. My brain started connecting the dots. O1225 was my old account. All the messages are MISSING THEIR O'S. The message said;

Remember me?

Of course not.

You loved me, then you betrayed me.

All those times we spent together,


Don't you see, Ashlyn?


At this point, I was literally crying. "I AM NOT A MURDERER!" I screamed at the computer. "WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?" I forced myself to calm down and read the rest of the message.

You replaced me.

Now you will see and feel my same pain.

I was scared of what O would do to me. Then, suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring. My mom went downstairs to open the door.

"Mum, I'm home!" Said a voice that sounded like mean.

Except it sounded sweeter than mine.

O replaced me, just like she promised.


Idea credit to a awesome warrior cat fanfic, I will post their user if i can find it!

Also, please send all suggestions to WolfDJ11, or you can do them if you want to.

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