1/28/17 -

First time playing roblox since 2012.

Decided to make a new account.

Played a couple games fine.

Decided to play some horror games nothing big

got bored of them, hopped on a tycoon.

The game seemed fine, creator was fine, other players, all fine.

The game name? Ninja Dojo Tycoon.

All was fine until he joined. | His player model.

When he joined he just sat there

Said nothing.

His name was "f0kn"

I simply said to him: "Hey man nice name lol"

He didn't say a thing.

So of course after playing a while I log off. nothing bad.

1/31/17 -

Logged on of course, i took liking to that tycoon so I went back to it.

As soon I joined he was there.

But this time he spoke. it wasn't your common english though.

Simply just a word "null"

So of course I just went off about my business working on that tycoon

and I was almost done with it

and again he said "null"

I asked him "Yo you good? lmao"

He didn't say anything.

I decided to log off as I was instantly creeped out.

2/2/17 -

I decided to investigate this guy, I was wondering if he was a troll or simply just fucking crazy.

I go to his profile and I look at the join date.

I thought to myself with a name like that his account must be old!

The join date: 2/2/2017

I knew that was impossible because I saw him in-game, he spoke to me or at least said something.

I went back to ninja dojo tycoon.

He wasn't there

Then a moment later he was.

I asked him "yo u a hacker man??"

(thinking he could give me robux or something)

He replied: null

Music started playing.

Fog was on.

His cash, kills, deaths, we're all 666

My game crashed instantly.

I noticed I had gotten a friend request, I thought maybe it was him.


It was blank.

I accepted the link and went to my profile and instantly freaked.

My bio was null.

It just said null

nothing else.

I decided its time to stop playing for a bit.

2/12/17 -- Present day. (Date of this being wrote)

Came back, theres no trace of him.

I was following him but now i'm not

I can't find him

Roblox blocks out his name if you try to search him.

Before i end this.

This is real.

This is the only other place I hoped people would believe me, this isn't creepypasta this is real please believe me.

If you find this guy.

Add him, follow him make sure you have access to his profile

he is odd.


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