NOTE:this is the first creepy pasta I have ever made.

Its time to tell you a creepy roblox experience...

It all started when I was browsing across games trying to find something scary,after a long time I found a game called:F0R3B1443N.made by the user of the same name,I immediately notice the title spelt:FORBIDDEN.The

25257822 144x108

thumbnail was the image on the right,when I clicked on the game my computer started lagging severely.It was frozen for about 5 minutes before the page loaded up.however,now I wish it did not...The entire page was photo negative and the Os in ROBLOX appeared to be bloodshot eyes,the description was:ERROR 403:F0R3B1443N ACCESS DENIED.I foolishly decided to enter the game,when I spawned I was in total darkness I could see nothing,not even my character I decided to wander around for a little bit.I soon noticed

something with 2 red eyes,was following me around.I decided to walk into it however when I got near it fled,eventually I saw a dead robloxian,laying in a puddle of blood.I soon noticed there were many other corpses

Dead Robloxian-0

laying around appearing to be in some kind of circle formation. i went towards the middle of the circle and i was met with a face similar to the eyes i had previously encountered but i could see a smile on the face.I also soon took notice of the fact that the face was always looking at me,no matter what I did it just kept staring at me,I could also hear a faint sobbing in the distence so i left from the face and went towards the sounds...I wish I never did I got closer to the sound at random I would see disturbing text and images one of the most creepy was text mentioning someone crying...another was a normal face but with red Xs over its eyes. eventually I found the source wich was the same face as last time but with bloody tears rolling out its eyes as soon as I touched it the game crashed and was sent back to the roblox home screen...but it was not the normal home screen everyone was like the F0R3B1443N screen but now every game was replaced with that game,and now most popular said:most victems.I then heard a faint whisper say:look behind you...I did and when i turned back i saw a very disturbing image:it was my roblox character but depicted in real life with the same red eyes as the faces had.It was there for about 10 seconds before my computer shut down,it woulden't turn back on no matter what I did...I know the game is still out there and if you see it report it as soon as possible...before its too late...


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