Warning: May be scary (Probably not) and might have a lot of cliches.

Chapter 1 (cliche): Prologue

It was a nice day. It was good outside. But I decided to stay cooped up in my room. I was addicted to roblox big time. I would keep my lights off and be in private, just playing my favorite types of roblox games. I would make games often too. My games were very realistic, but not famous.

Chapter 2: My New Game

I made a very realistic new game. It was called "Leaves and Trees" It had trees everywhere. It was beautiful. Soon, after the game was released, it started somehow getting famous. There was atleast 5000 place visits estimated each day. I was playing it and watching players have fun.

Chapter 3: Abandoned

After weeks of fame, the game was slowly getting less popular. Soon, it got abandoned. This was because I never updated it. It has been weeks since I was pretty much on roblox. When I came back on, I found my game abandoned. I updated it again and it got less players. Around 100 estimated a day. People in the comments were like "PLEASE UPDATE THIS" or "Ugh, this is getting boring." Later on, I played the game. There was nobody in the server.

Chapter 4: Strange Stuff Awaits (cliche)

I was walking around my game for fun, when the trees started losing their leaves. I swear to god, I never scripted the trees to lose their leaves. In fact, I never did any script except admin and music. Soon, as all of the leaves fell, the largest tree started withering. I never scripted that neither. As I decided to look around more, the grass became a kinda brownish like if it were winter, but grass was exposed. Dark clouds rolled in the sky. I must have been going insane (cliche).

Chapter 5: Figure Found

It was kinda creepy how everything started withering (cliche). I decided to push the exit button, but it wouldn't do anything (cliche). Soon, I could see a robloxian like entity just standing in the fog that rolled in recently. He just seemed to stare. To me, it looked like he was staring straight into my soul (cliche). He started chatting "Why don't you wanna play with me?" I tried to chat, but it didn't work (cliche). I went closer to him to check him out more. He seemed to look like if he were depressed (cliche).

Chapter 6: Figure Proven Dangerous

As he was staring into my soul, it soon looked like if he wanted to kill me (cliche). What a surprise though, he didn't. He just sank right inside of the fattest tree. I decided to look for him, but he was nowhere to be found. Out of nowhere, I sank right through the floor. It was the same entity grabbing me. It seemed real though, but it wasn't. The second my robloxian died, my computer turned off (cliche). I turned it back on expecting something creepy to go on, but nothing happened. My account was even ok, but my game was not on the recently played list. I found my game to be closed and under review.

The game is still possible to play for other people. If you see a game called Leaves and Trees that has realistic effort, do not play it (cliche).

The End?

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