Hi my name is Adam. One day i was playing a game called "Blow up stuff for fun 2" on roblox with by friend Nick but after some rounds something weird happened.... A new thing to blow up we had never seen before. It was called "Existence".

Nick started to destroy, it and i noticed it look like giant a robloxian that was completely grey. And then i noticed the blocks that were missing on the statue began disappearing on nick. I told him to stop but it was to late. He disappeared from the game, and i was talking to him asking what happened. He told me that his screen flashed white then his computer crashed.

He turned it back on and his background was normal except it said "Existence". He then blinked and it was gone, since it was really late at night it was probably a hallucination, but he swears that in the corner of his eye he saw something, he didn't know what it was, but i think he was lying.


Wait hang on i don't remember writing existence there.....

Wait i do.. i was.....

Ok honestly i really don't want to talk about it, actually i guess i have to because then you might understand my pain. He was there, i saw him, he took me. I managed to escape and i'm hiding.

I knew i had to stop him, and i went to my safe that i stored in my basement, pulled out my handgun, and i'm holding it right now.

Oh no i accidentally shot my screen, at least i can still type this.

I hear him. He is knocking down my door. Wait no thats the police!. They are questioning me....


Well now i'm back from questioning. They took my handgun. I'm no longer safe, I'm running for my dear life right now, I am dying no...w

Then i woke up....

I never was adam.... He never existed

But.... I don't either

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