Second creepypasta


4/2/2016 The Start:

One day I was playing ROBLOX I wanted to play a horror game I put on featured and Horror, I found a weird game called "Evil" out of curiosity I joined it, there were no people just me there was a red fog it all was red but had a black path I followed the path it made me go to a cemetery, a little creepy but very, very, very, very long it looked like there weren't end when someone joined the game called "Your death is here" I was very scared so I left the game.

4/5/2016 Weird things:

That day I got a message from the user 'Your death is here' saying "oN deen ot eb deracs" it was backwards it said "No need to be scared" but there were no subject I was scared since you must put a subject before sending message after reading the Chat window popped up it was red [UNFINISHED] ;) -Alan was here.....

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