It all started when i was sick and bored and wanted to play Roblox,i found a fun place called "Bombs" i played it but it took me to a different place wich was very black, I though it was a glitch so I left the game.

May 29 2015

I went back to Roblox, Forgetting all that happened i went to a game and randomly it said "Error 8293" so i said "What is going on?" and i thought it was my internet connection, i checked my internet and it was Fine i had to sleep since it was night.

May 31

I went back to Roblox, so my Name was before "Mikeylaxx" Everyone Called me That i was a Boy so i got Mad And changed it to a different name, I had to stop playing Roblox Because i had to study.

October 3

I wanted to go play roblox again because i though the glitch was Fixed but i was wrong it said Again Error 8293 I was wondering if it wasn't a glitch, I went back to the Game "Bombs" It Sent me Back to the Server i got Scared so i wanted to tell my friends but they said that i was insane.

October 30

I went back to Roblox To see my places, i saw my place called "Mikeylaxx Place Number 12 i wondered Who changed my place, i went there and i found something horrible, A man called error 777 came to me then i left fast.

Bandicam 2015-09-08 17-12-59-419

Then i never played Roblox again.

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