So,I went go and play some ROBLOX like I do all day! I went go play speed run,then everything went red and,I watch tons of scary stuff so I thought to quickly leave...but I was stupid enough to stay.I see this red person named Error 42295,It was only us.cliche my friend I thought,he said WANNA be my friend? But I said OH HELLPPP NO(I don't cuss) He said Fine then his lettering became weird and my character became black red and a little blue...I tried to leave but it did not work so luckily my computer died...but then it said COMPUTER CRASH:Error 42295.I screamed.So,I just shutdown my computer,then got back on roblox.I tell my friends,since they believe in the supernatural.....they did not laugh....luckily,so,Error 42295 messages me:come join my game,i messaged him back:Ha!i will not,that's cliche if you think that will work on me! I go to Twisted murder,trolling people with loud music but the twisted radio code was:42295.The Next Day.My friends come over,I would show them what happen,Then we all get an cringe...then my character says 42295 and my character is red.....And I never played roblox again...Months back...and nothing happened to me again...i skyped my friend and he said his character is red,and his name is 42295,welp here we go.........Thanks for reading my first creepypasta so as you see there are some cliches and some not!Maybe there is an part 2!!!!

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