I just made my ROBLOX account and played my first game called Old ROBLOX Simulator. Though something wasn't quite right, a user named eripmaVtaCehTdeR joined, I copy and pasted his name on and it made out to be my username in reverse. The only thing he said to me was "YOU WILL MEET YOUR FATE SOON ENOUGH......", I thought he was a wannabe at first but when I played his game it showed my ROBLOX character with his arms and tail ripped off and his head missing, there's a screenshot of it. It was scary and gruesome at the same time, so I looked at his other games, and saw an image of REAL LIFE gore, and I'm not showing a picture of that. So, I played the game and it showed images that are from the Deep Web. After 2 hours the user got deleted. THE END

RobloxScreenShot11102016 105856928

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