You think, it's just an normal entity right? WRONG. It's not an entity. But a player. Yet, no one really knows, if he's an entity or not, the mysteries are still everywhere. He's not a player, he's not an hacker. BUT. He's an spirit. I was playing a RP game like, i sometimes do, and then i see a player named "Entity3489"

He was acting like normal, but then he suddenly looked at me and then he left saying "Hello, my friend." I continued playing, but a error appeared on my screen. I clicked OK and it left the game.

I just got friend request from him and i declined. He wrote me a message saying "Why." I decided not to reply. After that my computer glitched up and shutted down. I thought, i did something wrong and ignored that thing. I shutted it back on and i saw that my computer literally changed. I only had Roblox Player and Roblox Studio on it.

I clicked Roblox Player and a game appeared. The name is Entity_3489_Awakens. I wondered why the name is like that. The game looked like a normal obby tho. When, i got to Stage 7 everything faded away. My character was falling fast. He than falled on a platform. It was small and another platform appeared, not in front of me, but really far away. I noticed he joined. He falled on the other platform. I couldn't move.

"Hello. It's nice to s_" you h)!(." He said in a glitchy words. "Who are you?" I replied to him, slightly seeing some black things around him. "I_am_Entity_3489." He said. The black things we're more and more coming close to me. "Who are these black things?" I writed to him and the black things coming closer and closer. "It's__d__e_the (""/a("!t)h¨!" time." He said. I saw the other letters. They spelled out "death". "Time? What time do you mean?" I slowly replied to him. "It's_the_TIMe_when____i go a"/!/("'way." The black things we're almost approaching my face of my character. "Listen____i_am!":!('""(/%ˇa_bug. A bug thhhhhhh destroys eevrything." I couldn't recognize what he is saying but it was still weird.

The black things we're almost on my characters face. I turned the camera around and i saw that my character had a crying face, i had never seen before. The sky suddenly change to black and the platforms too. The platform under my character dissapeared, and he falled into the void. It disconnected. I closed the game and looked, at the forums (cliché). Nothing was there.

I got on to this wiki once again. It is literally dead. No one is posting, everyone is running out of ideas (or what i think), but i got millions and millions of notifications of "Entity".

No, no, not here, i mean on other wikias. I am really sad that this wiki is dead, i like this wiki...and yet, my desktop background changed to "The End".

I think not The End of this story, computer crashed then.

I made a trolling video and put it on Youtube. I noticed a white figure in the background...was it him? I don't know. I leaved the video there and looked on Roblox.