Just like Down in the depths of roblox hell End of roblox, is another cursed game on roblox however it doesn't kill people who played, it just haunts people in their dreams. Something about the game seems out of place it doesn't belong on roblox, it's too violent. There was no description just like Down in the depths of roblox hell. It had a remake however it wasn't finished and it might not be finished. The effects that happen to you after you play End of roblox is paranoia and extremely disturbing nightmares after a week it gets worse and it'll get much more worse until you can't stand it anymore to end the suffering go back to the game and destroy the statue in the middle of the map after that alot of zombies will appear if you kill them more will spawn the only way to end it is to let them kill you when you're dead your screen will glitch alot it will also show really creepy images of robloxians after a few minutes it will go back to your home screen when you go back to the game it will be gone this is when you know that you are free the game was deleted on November 7th 2012 and it cannot be played anymore there was only 72 visits on the game before it got deleted.

(Dots added in by a smart user.)

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