• I have always been an avid ROBLOX player. I would play it for hours on end, and had lots of friends on it. One day, all of it changed. I was scrolling around for games, and I found "Search for the lost ROBUX". Curious, I played it. It looked happy and friendly, and players were running round. The thing is, nobody was on the leaderboard. I talked to a user, End_Game. Suddenly, the sky went a crimson red. The innocent "players" were getting killed in various ways. Impaling, hanging themselves, you name it. Only End_Game was alive. He said to me, in italicized, red text,

This is your End Game.

I was terrified at this point. I tried every button I knew. Alt + F4, Exit Game, Red X Button, nothing worked. The player's avatar grew a red, sinister grin, blood dripping from its crooked teeth. Suddenly, walls of the dead player's mutilated body parts grew from the ground.

Let's play a game. How about hide and seek? You hide, I seek.

I typed "alright..." and got teleported into the maze of dead robloxians. I tried running, but the lifeless stares of the innocent robloxians was too much. I heard footsteps, and ran. He said,

Tick, tock, tick, tock, brrrrring. The clock ends.

He appeared in front of me, smiling with that gruesome grin. A blade dripping blood had grown from his arm. The camera threw me into first person, and the user slashed my character's head off. It booted me out of the game. I decided to go to sleep.

I woke up the next morning. I looked at my sheets, and they were stained with blood. I looked in the mirror, and I had a slash on my throat. I stared, realizing the game hurt me. I booted up my computer, only to see my wallpaper was replaced with End_Game's bloody grin.

That grin. That sinister grin.



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