So i was Playing ROBLOX and i cant get EmptyGuest_1 out of my mind And Admin how did he join and Guest 2929 whats so great about it i wanted to play Murder And i found a new murder game

Bloody Murder

the game was made in 0/0/0? most likely and Hack

the game had guns and knife and hyper realistic Blood it looked real a player named 'bloody blox' joined and friended me and everyone else he said

Bloody Blox: Yisthissoflppinghard you cant hide

EmptyGuest_1: He wasn't real no one is you lied admins not real guest 2929 isnt real builderman erik Shedletsky NO ONES REAL

Me:its you

Emptyguest_1: SO IT DOESNT MATTER ROBLOX ISNT REAL you are going to live in hell now

To Be Continued

BTW im Not Doing Parts its Going to be in 1 Page And Im Making All First EmptyGuest_1 parts into One!

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