god my heads going crazy from these past few days i just want to play roblox

iv been looking for Guest 2929 but iv found noting

But then i found this


i found this in the roblox files

i click on it

Is it him

this might be Guest 2929

but he was removed from the data i was getting closer when i got a MSG from Empty it said '6 left' wait What?

Sounds 8/8/2016

why this year its been bad already

what is roblox hiding why is he here

i asked builderman he never replyed

i was playing my own game i was working on then EmptyGuest_1 joined i didnt know what to do then we talked


Empty: Builderman is dead

Empty: you have something

Empty: WE WANT


i leave i think i might just stop playing roblox then i was teleported to a game everyone was there EmptyGuest and all his friend he said 'GOOD BYE'

then admin and guest 2929 joind

Guest 2929&admin: hello

Empty You're back we can go back

Everyone: are souls there free WHERE FREE GoodBye Roblox byee

The End!

Thank you for reading hope you all enjoyed sorry its short

and the weird thing is i didnt make the acoounts whats roblox hiding

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