Chapter I

I was playing roblox.So i played call of robloxia CTF.Me,Bald92,and ERICHEN93 were defending the flag and then it disconnected a few minutes later.So i reconnected to the game.After that I left the game.And i didnt play unti now.

Chapter II

I was playing call of robloxia finallly.My friends Bald and ERICHEN returned so we played D Day beach and then i drank when I saw an ad for free robux i clicked it and in data i downloaded it and it said WINROBUXFREE.EXE and i clicked it and it said

When i clicked it said ENTER LINK TO GET 666 ROBUX The link is here[LINK DELETED FOR SAFTEY REASONS]When i got the virus i was scared there wasnt a roblox logo and there was a blood red screen.The hell? Then i freaked out.

Chapter III

I returned to Call or Robloxia.The screen was the same:no roblox logo and blood screen.Then it was wierd.I had 0 robux.I chatted and the entire allies responded.They said they had 0 robux.So I left to investigate it.Then i found the ad wasnt legit as i thought.Then i realized it said VIRUS.WINFREEROBUXFREE.EXE not WINFREEROBUX.EXE O_o

Chapter IV

Today is important.I am going to record a video and reveal the advert.So i got a camera,and recorded and i showed an animation of clicking the ad will lead players to a virus which will give them 0 robux.But it failed because of this:

#1 The video was terminated because they flagged it for no reason.

#2 No one would listen

#3 the final one: It only has 3 views.

Now I need to get more reasons.

Chapter V

Today i defeated the virus that caused the damage.First I installed ANTI ROBLOX SCAM 3.0 which helped me

Then I clicked which scam.Luckily the scam was easy to identify.It was called ROBUX SCAMS and its effects were removed. Then it said the following on roblox ''ERROR 8293 RESTART COMPUTER TO INSTALL ANTI ROBLOX SCAM''

Chapter VI

Today the virus returned.First i was playing 1944 The Loop Master.Then i left to play Roblox.Then,a full blood red screen was there with a bloody logo.So I said What is going on? It seems to me that the virus has resistence to the antirobloxscam.So I had to return to 1944 The Loop Master.At least i beat 1944 by destroying the ''Apparetoride''

Chapter VII

Today was weirder than in VI.First my desktop went insane.It was a flashing image of jeff the killer.Second instead of ERROR 8293 it had a screwed up photo off a person.Last after I saw TO FIX LOOK IN DATA in data a new file said GUEST 8293.EXE. I though it was a prank so i opened the file.I would now regret opening it.Roblox went insane by showing a full blood red on the pages and on my guest body.


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