Chapter I

Today is 2011.Today I will never trust an ad.But i was to late.In data it deleted the last file and a new file said FILE.YOUMUSTDIEORYOUWONTSURVIVE.JPG.It was weird that there was a new file.I had to find out how the file deleted itself when i clicked it and created a new file? So I clicked on the file.

Chapter II

When i clicked on the file it said GOTOROBLOXORYOUWONTSURVIVE.So I went to Roblox.Then on the page was a screwed up photo of a person as the logo and a bloody red screen.Then in Call of robloxia ERROR 8293.So this was now bad.

Chapter III

Now in the data it said a new file FILE.YOUMUSTDIEORYOUWONTSURVIVE.JPG but it had a new picture.It was the screwed up photo.Then I was scared so I unplugged the speaker and tried the power button to turn it off.Then the speaker said you can't escape that easily.But the damn speaker was unplugged!!!!So I had to delete the file.But i couldnt

Chapter IV

Today the file made it worst.First it made m PC crazy.Second it screwed up the admins for 2 weeks.Last it made a pop up ad version so it made the ad when I was playing roblox.Finally it said 2KkiSBIuNN[]k@n@n as an error message. For example it said ERROR 8293 2KkiSBIuNN[]k@n@n UNABLE TO CHAT WITH ADMINASTRATOR.


First I told the admin about it.Then he was able to disable the advert.So now I live happiliy in roblox.However I hope anyone who finds that ad didnt have to go through what i did.