It was just the day before I went back to school, Not like I was even looking forward to it. I decided the last thing to do before going to school was playing ROBLOX of course. So I went to the Homepage and decided to look at popular games that I would never really play at all. I also checked Messages because why not? There was atleast 1 message that it had said, This is where it gets weird.

I clicked on Messages and it brought me to just one message saying ''Uh You need to see this like Now.'' So I clicked on the link [Link is in comments] it brought me to a page with a black character with a red smiling shirt. Hold on here the name was a character i was using for a game? Thats Crazy, I said. But the character WAS right in front of my very eyes. I looked at his games and had found the title terrifying. TOOT1214 IS DEAD it read out. I'M TOOT1214! I clicked the game and it was just a normal start out game that I wouldn't even think about playing. Anyway for some reason I had made a party invite for one of my friends and brought him on the game because I can do that [lol]. When we got on it had a tape playing and i asked him ''Do you see this intro playing bro?''. He replied with a No which was quite disturbing but i kept watching and it played the story of me creating him the character. Here it is...

I was on the game maker trying to add a brother for the main character [A Scientist Enderman]. When I added him he was not how a expected but I knew something was wrong because it was hours of coding I would NOT do again. I was thinking ''Errors god dangit!'' So I unsaved the data that I did and went off to sleep... The next morning i came back on and saw Distorted things on the game maker. Stuff like blood and My character! It was on the screen just staring with white eyes, a black body, and some shiny goggles. Thats why I abandoned it.

After that happened I shut off my game and made a new account to hide from him.

About 2 months later I said to all my new friends I made that I was leaving to go back to my original account that I made. When i logged back on I had one last message... It read ''YOU MISSED THE FUN, YOUR LUCKY I'M GONE NOW!'' When I read that i was so relieved that he was gone. But his account still remains on roblox to this day. The End.

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