It was a normal great day in 2011. I was playing games like Minecraft, Mario, Sonic and other games. I also played ROBLOX.

I was trying to change some textures in files. It was my idiotic job of 14 years old. I destroyed everything. That was what you had to expect from a teen like me. I decided to reinstall roblox. I usually saw a page saying to install ROBLOX, but it said it was Roblox.exe. I downloaded the .exe file. I thought it was normal, but I was wrong.

I downloaded ROBLOX. It looked like the normal ROBLOX icon so I clicked it. Clicking was my biggest mistake, when i did it, it turned on and I had to login. When I logged in there was something different, the ROBLOX logo wasn't there. There was huge smiling face under it was Rubleuax. I wondered if I destroyed downloading data too. That was impossible. I decided to try some games out, completely ignoring the strange things. Back then, there were games like sword fighting games, and tycoons. My favourite game was Natural Disasters Survival. I tried to play it. The loading screen was normal...

After 2 minutes it finally loaded. It had bloody mist for the skybox, screams from the audio, and very, very realistic blood on the one player in the server, I said to chat, "umm hi?" The one man replied with a "Hi."

I said, "what in the world is going on?" The guy replied with a "What are you talking about?" I then asked him, "You don't see blood everywhere?" The guy then asked, "Do you have some destroyed textures or something?" I replied, "Yeah? I have ROBLOX.exe." The guy started yelling, "YOU IDIOT! UNINSTALL IT! IT COULD DESTROY YOUR COMPUTER!" I asked him , "What are you talking about?" The guy then said that it was a possessed file. I then told him, "Ok Ok I'll uninstall it!" The man then said in a demonic voice, "Too late..."

He started laughing. It was weird and creepy. I couldn't handle it anymore! I tried to leave but it didn't work! I couldn't even shut down my computer! There was one last thing to do; destroy it. I didn't care what would happen, I just wanted to destroy it. I finally did after I got a hammer.

I can't forget it. There was one word before I destroyed my nightmare; 2016

Is this the end? I don't think so...

This story was edited by koopa258 and Bill Cipher Laughs because it had bad grammar

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