Chapter 1: Beginning

I was very bored on ROBLOX, just about to quit. Most of the games were those typical town of ROBLOXia knockoffs and misleading obbies. There were 6 year olds in the community often. There was nothing to do. I was about to quit, I was about to quit ROBLOX soon, but I needed it to learn to program. I was just seeing if there was any paid access games. I found one called Dragon Ball Final Adventures. (By the way, this took place when Dragon Ball Final Adventures was only recently put on paid access). {Okay?} When I joined the game, they had creative guis. I had to make a character. I made him wear a jacket, pants that go with the jacket, messy hair, and he was a saiyan race.

Chapter 2: Gameplay

I was playing the game. It was so much fun when I learnt how to train. I made it to Super Saiyan in a day. The transformations had a lot of effort into them, and so did the moves. I would make friends there, beat up weak rkers, etc.

Chapter 3: Weird Stuff

When I woke up the next morning at 7AM, I got excited and zoomed out of bed. I went to the game, only to find out I was alone with 2 other people. Both of those people had the exact power level and stats of 4000. They were weaker than me. Whenever I came near them to say hi, they would just run off. They didn't train at all. Soon, my health bar was going crazy. I thought that this was just a hack. I needed to go to school soon anyways.

Chapter 4: Disturbing Stuff

During and after school, all I could think about was playing Dragon Ball Final Adventures. When I went on the game, there was more players, but the same two players I met this morning were still there. Maybe they were just playing for hours. When I went on, the game was covered with red and black decals. People were chatting "What is going on?" "What is happening?" Some rker soon attacked and killed one out of the two people. When he respawned, he went back to the rker and used a sword. The sword literally killed the rker in one hit. The rker did not respawn. He got kicked out of the game. The only thing remaining of him was the body split in half. There was blood coming out of it (cliche). Everybody soon ran away, but the two people caught up with everyone. I saw the message saying "Requesting Server..." That means that we are teleporting. Oh no!

Chapter 5: Darkness

We entered the exact game, except with no moves, scripts, or anything. What was different was that the stuff looked abandoned and destroyed. Kame's house was on fire. The sky was red. There was audio playing. Not the normal awesome audio though. The audio that was on was some kinda music. All I know is that it was disturbing. I think it was the distorted version of the default audio. The next moment, everyone but the two players were in these small boxes. They were transparent, so we could clearly see the map getting destroyed. Soon, I got scared that I tried to exit, but the exit button didn't work (cliche). I tried to use Alt F4. Nothing happened. I even tried to unplug my computer, but nothing happened. One of those two people came in my box. He was holding this machete.

Chapter 6: Death

The guy said "You have left me and my friend in the game alone. You will pay." I soon said "It was time for school." The guy soon just hit me with the machete. Blood was coming out of my body. The next moment, it kicked me from the game, and exited by itself. I left ROBLOX, but my background said, "You left us..." Showing both of them in the background (cliche).

Chapter 7: Unrealistic

Ok, before I say this part, I'd like to say that this has all happened before. This part is probably gonna be the one you will not believe, as it is unrealistic.

I decided to go back to the page of Dragon Ball Final Adventures, but the game thumbnail was gone. Robotmega was blank. The page turned red and black (cliche). I was terrified. I pushed the play button, but all it shown was the one that killed me's face. Soon, as I stared into it, a strange voice came out. It said "We are happy." Soon, my computer screen turned blood red. I couldn't exit it or do anything, so I had to buy a new one. I decided never to play roblox again. Many of these people thought that I was mentally insane. The next morning, I woke up, only to find blood footsteps (cliche). I followed them and it lead to my living room. I told my parents about it, but they didn't see anything. I think what those people were trying to do was make me mentally ill.

The End?