Down in the depths of roblox hell is a game that was created in 2009 however the game got deleted after reports of paranormal activity was sent to roblox HQ evidence suggested that the paranormal activity was caused by the game after playing the game I knew what caused all the problems it was the sound effects that made people sick however it didn't effect me somehow since it was a remaked verison of the game that was created in 2014 but deleted by the creator in early 2015 since the game was hated by loads of people for unknown reasons the original game was a creepier version of banland it was in the horror genre obviously the remake wasn't banland but it's own map the one I played was the remake obviously since the original was deleted immediately after the reports no one knows what happened to the people who played the game since after they played they've been inactive for over a year after researching I found out that the people who played committed suicide because the game made them insane and depressed this was the reason why the game got deleted why the people go insane is that a ghost from the game told them to do weird and insane things after the ghost left them they were so depressed they died the ghost was the paranormal activity the players did not report the ghost to roblox admins the player's parents and friends did so what do you think about down in the depths of roblox hell tell me in the comments but I have one thing to say

is the game....cursed?

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