Dont do it

Vault 8167 is the only safe place now.

we must find out how to get there as soon as possible.

beware the skeleton.



So recently I was playing natural disaster survival, when i came across a player called 0by0. I walked up to him, this was our conversation.

(me): hello

0by0: hi

(me): so, you like this game?

0by0: no

(me): then why play it?

0by0: its the only way in

(me): way in?

0by0: to vault 8167

(me): dont you mean vault 8166?

0by0: no

(me): you dont really believe that pasta, do you?

0by0: its true

(me): no, its not

*round starts*

0by0: follow me

0by0: quickly, onto the volcano

(me): what? why?

0by0: do it

(me) ok...

*i then climbed as far up as i dared go*

0by0: now jump in

(me): what?! i will die!

0by0: no, you wont

(me): well, iv'e not got anything to lose.

*i jumped in, and lived*

(me): are you a hacker?

0by0: no, i am here to help

*0by0 then jumped into the volcano*

0by0: now we go

(me): where?

0by0: safety

the screen went black, and we where transported to another server. the server was a enormous white room. for the purposes of a promise i made to 0by0, there names wont be said, and they will be regarded to as person 1 and 2

person 1: another one to be saved?

0by0: yes, get him to the chamber.

i was then forced into a chamber, where a load of black liquid was sucked out of my robloxian. my computer started leaking a black fluid.

person 2: he is safe now

(me): where am i?

0by0: Vault 8167

then i left. when i tried to join another game, it didnt work. i only went back to vault 8167

Heres what I have found out:

0by0 is helping save people by bringing them to vault 8167. the black fluid is how the hackers plan to take control of everyone. as for 0by0's description:

dont do it - dont be controlled by the hackers

Vault 8167 is the only safe place now - self explanitory

we must find out how to get there as soon as possible - self explanitory

beware the skeleton - a possible reference to the footage of vault 8166 of the "skeleton creature"

LOWLIER WIDE - a anagram for: OR WE WILL DIE

The apocalypse is coming