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"DontForgetMe_Please" by The Megalomaniac

I'm writing this as a warning to never do what I did. If you do, I can guarantee you won't last very long. Anyway, I'd better not ramble on since I don't have much time left in this world. Guess I should start from the beginning then.

I was messing around on ROBLOX High School and trolling the OD'ers that constantly flood the server. Their reactions were making me laugh so hard that I didn't even notice anything out of the ordinary until it happened.

As I was starting to troll my next group of OD'ers, the entire screen went black. I couldn't see anything but the chat and the leader board. In the chat, people were freaking out and constantly asking what the heck was going on with the game. On the leader board, I only noticed one new player by the name of "DontForgetMe_Please." I shrugged and thought, "Eh, just another person with a freaky username to scare everybody."

My ROBLOX character's vision seemed to be coming back, but what I saw when it fully returned was horrifying. It was a picture of a blonde girl lying on the floor dead in her bathroom, blood and all. I'm not exactly the best with gore-y things, so I had to suppress the urge to throw up as I quickly exited the game.

Not wanting anybody else to have to experience what I just had, I reported the hacker to the ROBLOX admins in full detail, making sure to word it so they would understand and be able to quickly ban the disgusting hacker.

After I typed it up, I proudly pressed send. Immediately, I felt satisfied that I had probably done the entire ROBLOX community a huge favor with reporting that horrible, awful, disgusting hacker I'd found.

I went to go play The Mad Murderer, checking the leader board first to see if there was anybody that seemed too impossible to beat in the server. Somehow, at the top of the leader-board, was DontForgetMe_Please.

Strangest thing was, his points and level bar that usually appeared on everybody in the game was blank. That was weird, and I originally assumed that he was just loading in, but he was in the lobby. Just... sitting there.

Okay, that was pretty freaky, so I asked if anybody else saw DontForgetMe_Please sitting there, staring blankly, his head actually following my character around. Some asked if I was just trying to scare them and others simply said they didn't see anything at all. I felt uncomfortable after that, like I seemed like a nutjob. Not wanting to stay, I left the game.

Looking for another game, my Chrome page suddenly crashed. It opened itself back up to the ROBLOX game page, but this time the thumbnails and titles were... different, to say the least. The thumbnail had a black background and the user DontForgetMe_Please's profile picture. The titles of each game said the words "Why did you report me?"

I freaked out, assuming that I had gotten hacked. I quickly logged out and changed my password, just in case there really was somebody that had gotten a hold of my password somehow. I logged back in, and instead of "Hi, Domokyodai!" it said "Why did you change your password?"

This triggered a reaction, and I closed down Chrome and shut my laptop screen FAST. I then went to lay down in bed so I could try and take a nap to ease my anxiety a little bit.

I saw a silhouette out my window, and it resembled a grown man... but something was off about it. In case the man out there was able to hear inside, I slapped my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming and did my best to stay quiet while I hid behind a pile of clothes in my closet, my phone and laptop at hand.

I wanted to find out as much as I could about this DontForgetMe_Please person, so I did as much searching as I could. What I found out shocked me inside and out.

DontForgetMe_Please was apparently a previous ROBLOX mod, appointed to the position because of his exemplary hacking skills. After taking advantage of his moderator position and banning anyone who disagreed with him, he was swiftly kicked off of the ROBLOX staff. This caused him to get furious and take out his rage on innocent ROBLOX members.

He specifically targets anybody who tries to report him to the ROBLOX mods after one of his hacking escapades. All cases of people who tried to report him (other than mine... yet) ended up going missing days later, nobody knew where they went. Of course, I'm one of those people who tried to report him, so he's targeting me. It didn't take much to realize he's the person outside my window.

Before I go, I need to say that you should NEVER try to report DontForgetMe_Please when he hacks, or even view his profile at all for that matter. He will hunt you down and try to kill you. Trust me on this, I don't want anybody else to go through what I did.

I'm being hunted down, and I know it. I'm scared... I don't know what to do... The silhouette in the window disappeared and I don't know where the man went... I think he's outside the door.

I heard my front door open, and the footsteps are coming... Oh God, if you're reading this, please help me!

He's in the room, he's getting way too close to the closet... Help me, I'm SCARED!...

I think... I think he heard me typing this... OH GOD HESJGKGG

14 year old Robert Schumerman was found dead in his bedroom on 5/30/16 at approximately 3:00 AM. The only evidence left at the crime scene was this document. Further investigation will begin.