It was late one night and I was at my friends house. We were up all night playing video games like any others kids would do. It was around 1:00 A.M. and me and my friend were watching Youtube. We found a youtuber named DennisDaily and watched him play a game we never heard of ROBLOX. We decided to go play this game our favorite game on there was murder mystery and that's all we played. Once our computer glitched out of the game and we rejoined. When we joined this time the game looked a lot more different in the lobby there were dead roblox bodies everywhere. There were also guest with the username of "die" and "kill your self." We got really scared and my friend said "lets try playing one of those tycoon games." Before we left a guest with the username of "Satan is here" ran at us and my computer died. I never played roblox or talked about it until a few days ago. I wanted to see how it was looking and I could see murder mystery was replaced with murder mystery 2. So I decided to play it and the same thing happened but there was one thing different about it my old character model was chasing me and it had a new name. Its name was "ill see you tomorrow."

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