It was a normal day in November 27, 2015. I was buying a gamepass for Survive the Disasters. But there was something off. There was a gamepass called "Don't Purchase it" It was strange because I never saw that gamepass before. It was for 1 ticket. So, I purchased it. It was an awful choice to make. The event still haunts me to this day.

CHAPTER 1 (Something's Strange)

So I started playing Survive the Disasters. Everything was fine until I saw the current disaster name. It was "Don't Purchase it". But it was Flash Flood. The same current disaster name happened for about 20 disasters in. Then I saw the current disaster name, "Rising Lava". I thought it was all over...

CHAPTER 2 (The Start)

After the current name message disappeared. I was teleported to a game called "I told You". It was a dark baseplate with the words "Choose Your Path". It was a decal but I started going left. It was a boring straight walkway for about a minute then there was a spike. I jumped over it. Then I saw a hole, then another spike. Then there was red squares I had to jump over. Then soon It was extremely treacherous with spikes and red squares and lasers covering almost all of the path. Then It was eventually impossible as there was nothing but spikes and other obstacles. 30 seconds later. Then I saw a distorted "VyrisstheVixon" character model. Then the words I heard was "You just had to do it". It crashed. And my character looked different. It was completely red with no face. Then I went on All Games. Then the site looked different. The ROBLOX logo was in a black Times New Roman font. and the site was on a white background with Ariel words for game titles without pictures. And the only games where "You just had to do it".


I stopped playing ROBLOX for 3 months. Then I played Roblox on March 2, 2016. The site was back to normal but every time I try to play Survive the Disasters, It always said This place is closed to all Visitors.

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