DON'T PLAY THIS GAME I was browsing through the ROBLOX games when one caught my eye. It was a picture of a weeping Robloxian 2.0 and the title was DONT PLAY THIS GAME. And what I did was what is called your curiosity taking over. The description of the game said DONT PLAY THIS GAME,YOU WILL END UP TRAPPED LIKE THIS PERSON. I didnt really care. I thought something about the weeping Robloxian looked weird anyway. So i joined the game. It was a blank baseplate. Suddenly a voice boomed through my headphones. It said WHY HAVE YOU JOINED?. It was like a cartoonish voice. The weeping Robloxian came over to me talking in a voice the was so quiet it was like digtal whispers. All of a sudden the whole place went BLACK. I caught a glimpse of what looked like Smile and Melvin staring at my character. I tried to exit the game. No use. I tried to move but my character was stuck there. Then the weeping Robloxian came up to me. Why have you joined, user? "Who are you??!!" I said. "you'll figure it out sooner or later". It whispered. I reached out my hand. I was in the game! I was totally freaked out. "But... how do I get out?" "Wait, wait in silence."It said. So to this day i am trapped in the game, waiting in silence for someone to free me from the game known as DONT PLAY THIS GAME. Days and days went by just staring at a screen until the Weeping Robloxian came up to me and said SHOULDNT OF JOINED suddenly my whole comeputer shut down when i turned it back on it said SHOULDNT OF JOINED Everywhere when they were gone i couldnt play ROBLOX anymore