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Okay, I don't usually have these problems. In fact, they never happened. But this is terrifying. To me, at least. This is over the course of a couple years. (I think, I can't remember clearly now)


I joined ROBLOX on this date, but never knew about the deep forums until 2012. Yet, strange things happened before I even knew about the forums. Yes, this is called the Deep Forums, but there are a lot of important stuff before the forum part.

May 21st, 2010

I joined ROBLOX on this date. Fun Fact: I only played ROBLOX games for the first six months that I joined ROBLOX. On November 2nd, I made my first game: Generated Terrain. Anyways, my reaction was this: "OHMYGODIGOTANACCOUNTICANTWAITTOPLAYOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!" I was WAY too excited to play ROBLOX, as you can see.

May 30th, 2010

After 9 days, ROBLOX got boring. I got onto the forums and posted a thread on Off Topic. A conversation sprouted up with a few people replying to my thread.

Me: So, what is Off Topic about? I have a lot of questions.

Darklord999 (DL999): Anything you want it to be about. But no inappropriate stuff, okay?

Me: Umm...thanks?

DL999: No problem. By the way, I sent you a friend request. You seem like a chill guy.

AmyBarbadosForever (ABF): Off Topic is a very general forum...thing. It consists of many threads, like yours for instance.

Me: I'm gonna go now...

ABF: See you!

That was the end of that. Now I knew about the forums. I decided to turn off my computer and stop playing ROBLOX. I had practically gone on a ROBLOX marathon that day.

June 11th, 2010

The Strange Message

I just got on ROBLOX when AmyBarbadosForever messaged me.

---------------------------------------------------------------DON'T LEAVE-------------------------------------------------------

don't leave

you're our only hope

get us out of here



I ignored this thinking it was a prank. I later got a link to a game from her that was called "don't leave us". I was the stupid curious idiot I was, so I hit play. It was a long red hallway. I tried to walk through the hall, but it turned into a picture. I looked around the small room for something to go towards, but there was nothing. Then people whispered "don't leave, you're our only hope", and then I quit the game. I never talked to Amy again, but she always sent me messages.

June 12th, 2010

I got annoyed of her messages, so I searched for her. Her blurb was blank. Not even the "Describe yourself here" blurb that a lot of newbies seem to have. Her blurb was blank, she had no face, no clothes, and she was all white. For some strange reason, I refreshed the page, and her blurb became this: "The lord has taken me." I quit ROBLOX then until October.

October 26th, 2010

I joined ROBLOX again and thought it was all over. I saw my thread on Off Topic had 3 new posts.

DL999: This thread is dead. Heh, that rhymed.

ABF: don't leave me here. i don't deserve death.


I was like, "Darklord999 has my problem too." Then I realized something. The thread was created a year before I even posted it. That wasn't possible, because I joined the same year. Then I saw that the thread was taken over by Amy. She had joined approximately a year before my thread. Darklord999 was one of the oldest members of ROBLOX, since he joined back in 2007.

October 29th, 2010

I checked back on my thread, now taken over by Amy. (Somehow)

Me: Hey guys, I'm back.

DL999: Finally. This girl is freaking me out.

ABF: don't be scared. i'm not going to harm you.

DL999: Get out of this thread already, troll!

ABF: dontbescaredplease

Me: Oh my god, she's kind of scaring me now too.

ABF: it'll all be over soon.

Darklord999: Okay, I'm out of here...


Darklord999 quit adding to the thread after that. It was just Amy and me. And note: this is before the deep forums. Since this is 2015 when I'm writing this, the deep web is a huge thing right now.


January 31st, 2011

By now, it has been a few months since anything weird. Darklord999 and me played a few games from time to time. I set my privacy settings to friends only for messages so that the messages from Amy would stop.

ABF: Hi there.

Me: Stop talking to me. You're creeping me out.

ABF: The lord is coming for you.

Me: Ugh. I'm out of here.

ABF: The lord is coming...

I quit ROBLOX again for a month. But on March, when I returned...something happened.

March 5th, 2011

The Story Of How I Saved AmyBarbadosForever

Darklord999 said that he had visited a game that had a scam and wanted me to check it out. So, being the curious moron I was, I played it. It was called "Play For Money!" by...Amy. Was she being hacked? Was this whole the lord has taken me crap because of a hacker? That's what I was...hoping...








March 6th, 2011

The sights I had seen from that game was just terrifying. Was Darklord999 now on Amy's side?

March 11th, 2011

What I saw on March 5th was this:

  1. A long red hall
  2. A picture of a strange ROBLOXian
  3. A picture of a pile of robux
  4. Another person on the...leaderboard?

Yeah. That's right. There was another person on the leaderboard. I'm pretty sure the game was 1 player max too. I decided to ignore it and go down the red hallway. There were no cliches here; no blood, no scary noises, nothing. In fact, it was complete silence. Just what I needed now. Then the game crashed mysteriously.

March 13th, 2011

I had totally forgot about the game on March 12th, so I finally got to it a day later. I rejoined the game and walked down the red hallway ignoring the player, and I got to the end of the hall. Then the game crashed again. I decided to not keep playing the game, and then played a tycoon for an hour or so. And, about the March 5th incident, the game was much freakier when I first played it. I put down what happened when I played it the second time because I didn't want to say the first incident. I'll get it out of me now:

  1. The strange ROBLOXian picture
  2. The long red hallway
  3. Another player on the leaderboard
This was what the ROBLOXian looked like.

The 2nd player as its regular look: distorted with blood on its face.

Yeah, it sounds innocent, but the guy's face was TERRIFYING. There was blood all over. Not fake looking blood. REALISTIC blood. And, he didn't even have a face. His face was literally just blood. I started to walk down the hallway, and a green liquid dripped from the ceiling. When it hit my ROBLOXian, it felt like something had hit me in real life. I looked around to see if there was a leak or something. Nope. Just my normal room. I got to the end of the hall, yet the game didn't crash. I walked through the new beige looking hall, (which wasn't that long) and when I reached the end, a jumpscare occurred. No picture, just a scream. But, it still made me jump. I turned around before leaving and saw the ROBLOXian staring at me. "don't leave please. you have a lot to do here to save Amy." The ROBLOXian was bloodied up, along with the distorted look. I quit the game because of this. Then I saw a bar at the top of the ROBLOX page like ROBLOX usually does to advertise something important. "don't leave" I quit ROBLOX (Yes, for the third time) again after seeing that. But I came back on September.

September 27th, 2011

The green ooze that was falling from the ceiling.

The green ooze that the player saw dripping from the red ceiling.


The hallway. (From the actual W.I.P game)

After I had enough torture for a few months, I came back to ROBLOX. I still remembered everything that happened. I just shrugged it off. I joined the game "don't leave" or whatever it was called. The goo happened throughout the red hallway, and then I reached the end of the beige hallway. I turned around, expecting a distorted ROBLOXian. Nope. Nothing. Just the regular beige wall in front of me. I turned around, and there was another hallway. I walked down the hallway instead of quitting...but then there was an invisible wall. I turned around and then back again, expecting the invisible wall to get removed. Nope. It was still there. Turned around again and nearly jumped off of my seat. The distorted ROBLOXian was standing right behind me. "stay...please...get us out of here. before it's too late." I stayed this time instead of freaking out and going "nopenopenopenopenopenope", and the guy continued. "thank you for staying longer. follow me." I was curious, (as usual) and followed the distorted ROBLOXian. "i knew that you jumped. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to scare you." How'd this ROBLOXian know that I jumped? I didn't really care, as my curiosity made me follow the guy. I ended up in a huge maroon box. It seemed empty until I saw the crowd of people in one corner. "these are the trapped ROBLOXians." The guy said. Suddenly, the chat was flooded because of the crowd of ROBLOXians. "I heard we'll get saved eventually. Free money is click bait. That'll definitely save us." Somebody copied and pasted that same message over and over. " do I save them?" I asked the guy. "see that door? only people from the outside can reach it with a key." I looked in my inventory and found a key between a lot of junk I had from the gears I bought. I used the key on the door and everybody ran out of it. I walked towards it too and left. "thank you" were the guy's last words to me as I entered the door out of that game.


February 10th, 2012

Nothing interesting happened for a while after I saved Amy and everybody else. Amy quit ROBLOX permanently, along with a few of the other trapped ROBLOXians. Once February started, I went onto the forums for the first time in forever, and made a new thread.

-------------------------------------------------------Hey, Wassup?--------------------------------------------------------------

Just saved a crowd of ROBLOX players from the site. Any congratulations?

As I thought, I got about 10 replies, all about the same thing:

RyanTheMagnificent999 (RTM999): Really? Are you stupid or something?
GigaTrump500 (GT500): Get off OT, you troll.
RTM999: I'm reporting you for trolling on OT.
Me: But it's actually true.
BobRulesTheWorld (BRTW): OMG STOP LYING U N00B
BRTW: GET 0FF THE F0RUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!
N00B5RUL3 (N00B5): W0W. D0N'T ST34L MY R0L3, B0B.
Me: N00B, you're with me, right?
N00B5: 0F C0UR53 N0T.
BRTW: I did not steal your role, n00b.
N00B5: 1: Y35 Y0U D1D. 2: 1T'5 "N00B", N0T "n00b".
AmyBarbadosForever (ABF): It's true.

WAIT, WHAT? Amy left ROBLOX, I thought. Why'd she come back?

Me: Amy? You came back?
ABF: For all of you idiots, I was trapped in ROBLOX. Jason12345 here saved me.
BRTW: Oh, look. Another noob that's on Jason's side.

Somehow, BobRulesTheWorld's account was deleted from ROBLOX. Completely. How do I know this? Look at the following messages:

RTM999: Where the heck did Bob go?
ABF: I deleted his account. I also deleted his email.
RTM999: Haha! Loser!

And then, RyanTheMagnificent999's account disappeared. Just like BobRulesTheWorld's.

GT500: Oh crap. Where's Ryan now?
ABF: Gone, along with Bob.
GT500: Oh god. I better play it safe then.
ABF: I think my work here is done. Goodbye, Jason. For now.

The Deep Forums Begins

Wow. Just wow. I wondered how Amy did that. Anyways, I was searching Off Topic when I saw a strange post. The Deep Forums, it said. I ignored it until a few more posts of this Deep Forums thing came up. The one I saw had a link to a test site:

The weird thing was this: I've gone on a test site before, and robloxlabs was in the URL. This was unsettling, because it could be that it wasn't even ROBLOX's. I clicked it and it lead me to ROBLOX sign up, which was what I hoped for. There was nothing special here though. I signed up as a noob, and then it automatically sent me to the forums. There were no buttons to the catalog, avatar, or any of those. At first I thought it was an old test site to test the forums and how they would work. But then I remembered the URL and thought, "This isn't normal." I clicked on the only sub-forum there, Off Topic, and saw about a million threads. I clicked on one that didn't sound so bad, "Find Your Way Around Here". It said the following:

Find Your Way Around Here

Hello. I see you are having trouble getting around the Deep Forums. Well, you came to the right place. These 3 links lead to special threads:

These threads are great for getting info. The next 2 links lead to threads about 2 clicks into the Deep Forums (after this thread here):

Let me tell you the ranks of the Deep Forums:

  1. Forums
  2. Deep1
  3. Deep2
  4. Deep3
  5. Deeper1
  6. Deeper2
  7. Darkness
  8. Terror1
  9. Terror2
  10. Terror3
  11. DOOM
  13. Death1
  14. Death2
  15. DeathFinal

If you get to Rank 14, you BETTER HEAD BACK. Just a warning.


Well, that was a good warning. I clicked a link into Deep1, and noticed the screen got a tiny bit darker. I tested my brightness, and made it full. I clicked on a thread titled, "How To Go Deeper".

How To Go Deeper

There are two ways: change the page URL, or find a thread that has a link to go deeper.


That was literally the whole thing, except for the rank list. Another thing I saw on Deep1 was a thread about somebody who had gone too deep.

Murder Mystery 2 - ROBLOX - Google Chrome 8 20 2016 10 39 46 PM

The picture the victim of the Deep Forums took. (Please don't give me hate comments for using Inspect Element.)

I think I might have gone too deep...but I only went to Death...Oh yeah, that's right. 2 more ranks and I would've been doomed.

It actually looked pretty weird. The picture was for a game that didn't exist for a couple years. Did the creator get that picture from the Deep Forums? If he did, that must've been a dangerous trip. Anyways, I changed the URL to and I was brought to a screen that was a little bit darker than before. I tested the brightness, and it was at full. The threads started to get creepier, like one called "HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME". Of course, I checked it out, being the stupid curious moron I was. (I know you've heard this phrase before, a bit different though.)




I was freaked out by this but ignored it. I saw a thread by Amy. WAIT, AMY?! It was titled, "Warning To All Newcomers".

Warning To All Newcomers

Warning to you all. If you found this, you have found your way to Deep2. But don't go too never know what's hiding down there.


Things Get Weirder

Don't Leave + The Deep Forums - Roblox creepypasta Wiki - Wikia - Google Chrome 8 21 2016 6 44 21 PM

The message that the main character saw.

I got to and then I was instantly brought to a message. It was a user called Deep_Forums. I also noticed my username was Deep_Forums. That basically meant I replied to myself. The text on the buttons was gone, but I could still click them. I searched AmyBarbadosForever on People, and her profile wasn't there. I went back to the forums, and went to , which was a bad idea. Things got worse when I did this. The screen got darker, (as usual) and I also heard a noise whispering "Go back now." "Hurry before you meet it." "It's coming." After what I had seen with AmyBarbadosForever, I knew this wasn't a troll. Being the idiot I was, I carried on. But I had to leave before I got to Deeper2.

February 11th, 2012


Here's what the main character saw in his MyForums.

Before I went deeper, I went to MyForums. All of my favorite threads were different. Well, I haven't been in too many threads, so the last 25 active threads only had 5 threads. But the threads on there were still horrible. One said "How To Hide A Dead Body". WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. F***?! I decided to click on it because of the curious person I was. It was like I expected: weird comments of hiding a body. I decided to go deeper into the world of Deep Forums.

The photo

The thread "How To Hide A Dead Body".

At , the screen got even darker as I got here. I still remembered the thread, and then I went back to it. It became "How To Kill Somebody", with similar details. But this time, my character was changed. The only thought that isn't clear is the it seems all blurry to me.

February 20th, 2012

I instantly went to , and the voices got louder. 7 1/2 was halfway to the worst point, but it had been so long that I had forgotten about the ranks and not to go too deep. "Save us" and "We're being tortured" and "I don't want to die here" were common sentences said by these voices. Then a pop-up came up, saying the following:


A hacker has entered your PC.

I just shrugged this off, thinking it was a joke. Then my computer shut off. It turned back on, and my lock screen was black. My picture was black too. Everything that could be edited was black. My files, my background, even my browser.


There is a "it was just a dream" cliche right now. I'm sorry about this...

Back To Story (Sorry For This)

I woke up at my PC. Was it all just a dream? I checked my browser. Nothing was changed. My browser was still on the forums. The only difference was this: it was brought to a thread.

The Thread That Makes A Montage Of Traumatizing Games

Hello There Everybody! I Have Games You Should Definitely Check Out!

There are many games in this thread that looked interesting, so here they are:

It may look like just three games, but it is like a family tree!


Being the curious moronic idiot I was, (yes, this is repeating slightly) I checked the games out. The first game was a cinema-like game. There were people on it, like normal. The Exclusive Cinema door was broken, but everybody seemed to ignore it. I entered it, and was brought to a cinema. I watched a creepy movie called "The Figure". After it finished, the credits started, but I was kicked from the game and brought to another game. It was the cinema one again. The only difference was this: everything was empty.

ROBLOX Cinema..10:35

ROBLOX Cinema...Things

A video of the cinema the player was in. It is 7 to 11 minutes, not sure.

I decided to not enter the Exclusive Cinema. I entered the VIP lounge again, (sorry for not mentioning it before) and when I tried to walk out, I couldn't. The door had locked, though it shouldn't have. Somebody joined then. Their name was "K1D0F4W350M3". (That says KIDOFAWESOME.) Here's the conversation we had:

Me (Jason12345): Hi. Can you get me out of the VIP lounge please?
K1D0F4W350M3: Okay. Where is it?
Jason12345: Enter, go left...
K1D0F4W350M3: Wait a sec. I think I see it.

Suddenly, another player joined the game. "D0N'T" was their name.

Jason12345: But I need to get out of here!
K1D0F4W350M3: Yeah, he needs help.

K1D0F4W350M3 was then kicked and banned from the game by D0N'T. The weird thing about their username was that you can't have apostrophes or commas or most of the special letters.

Jason12345: Why'd you ban him? And how?

D0N'T left the game, leaving me stuck in the VIP lounge. So, I was again alone, stuck in the lounge. For 1 hour, I kept trying to get out. Then I just left.

February 29th, 2012


February 30th, 2012

I wasn't online yesterday...what the heck was that?

March 2nd, 2012

Okaaaaaay thennnnnnn...

Anyways, K1D0F4W350M3 sent me a message. (I friended him on the 20th.)

--------------------------------------------What Happened After I Got Banned?-------------------------------------------

I'm just curious.


I decided to reply to his message.

-----------------------------------------RE: What Happened After I Got Banned?----------------------------------------

The D0N'T guy left me stuck in the lounge. I left after an hour of trying to escape.


He didn't reply to my reply. I sat there for a few hours waiting for a reply. Nothing.

March 5th, 2012

I just remembered that this was the year memorial of when I saved AmyBarbadosForever! Celebratiooooon! Sorry. Anyways, I went back to that thread (February 20th) and clicked on the second link, It brought me to Sandbox. At this point, Sandbox was only 1 year old. I played the game, and the server I was brought to seemed normal. It had 7 other players, and of course the only open spot was those stupid corner ones. I had to choose it, and then in the chat, a person by the name of goodguy15 spammed the same message over and over:


People ignored his message for about 3 minutes until somebody finally decided to go to his game.

xxgirloftheyearxx: UGHHHH FINE! I'LL GO...

She left the server and nobody joined and took her base. The base stayed empty. The only thing in the chat now was still goodguy15 spamming. This is the order the players left in:

iambestplayer1723: I guess I'll go to shut him up.

goodguy15 stopped spamming for about a minute and started spamming again when RandyBandy17 left.

DeathIsImmmmmmmminent: Fiiine...
MyNameIsSoOriginal: ...Seriously? I'll go...
DeathIsNotCoolBro777: My friend, DeathIsImmmmmmmminent, went, so I'll go too.

After about 15 minutes, everybody had left except for me and goodguy15. Here's the conversation:

goodguy15: How about you go too, Jason12345?
Me (Jason12345): I'm not falling for your tricks.

I was suddenly sent to goodguy15's game by force. Here's the next conversation:

Jason12345: Hello? Anybody here?
xxgirloftheyearxx: Yes.
MyNameIsSoOriginal: AaAAAAaaAAaaaaAaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaA
Jason12345: Did he break or something?
xxgirloftheyearxx: Where are you? I can't see a thing. Wait a second, I see someone.
xxgirloftheyearxx: What...the...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Jason12345: Oh no. I'm alone.

That's pretty much it. Except for me saying random stuff.

Jason12345: What the heck happened to xxgirloftheyearxx?
  1. Gone

I left the game and tried to look for xxgirloftheyearxx. There were no results. (Yes, the picture on the right is kind of wrong.) I decided to check out goodguy15's profile page.

Goodguy15's profile

It was normal, though I hadn't seen his face, meaning I didn't know if that was his true appearance.

March 6th, 2012

I decided to play "Sandbox" again. I was brought to a server that was currently empty. Was it the server I was just on? I got a base in the best spot, (the front) and a rainbow guest joined. All of the text was rainbow, and their name was rainbowawesomeguest1337. Here's the conversation we had:

Jason12345: Um...hello.
rainbowawesomeguest1337: Hi...
Jason12345: Is this the only server?
rainbowawesomeguest1337: I joined you.
Jason12345: How? I had my privacy settings for all my friends.
rainbowawesomeguest1337: I don't think you're very polite.
Jason12345: I'm just weirded out from you joining me.
rainbowawesomeguest1337: Whatever. You're rude.
Jason12345: I didn't mean to be...
rainbowawesomeguest1337: ...

I kept trying to talk to them, but all they did was just "...". This went on for a couple minutes before I just decided to stop trying.

Suddenly, they talked to me.

rainbowawesomeguest1337: Okay, I'm back.
Jason12345: When did you leave?
rainbowawesomeguest1337: You asked if this was the only server and I left to do something.
Jason12345: Then who...was me?
rainbowawesomeguest1337: N
Jason12345: Huh?
rainbowawesomeguest1337: N O B O D Y

I shut up then. Either this guy had two personalities or he was just crazy.

rainbowawesomeguest1337: Back again. Sorry, my parents keep bugging me.
Jason12345: Who said "N O B O D Y" then?
rainbowawesomeguest1337: Meh.
Jason12345: I'm going to shut up now.
rainbowawesomeguest1337: Okay then...I don't know why...But whatever...

We both stayed silent for about 10 minutes when things got boring and I left.

March 11th, 2012

I found a game called "Free Money! Play Now!" Time to save more ROBLOXians, you ask? Oh...




Not at all.

March 11th, 2012 (Continued)

I thought it was time to save more ROBLOXians, until I joined the game. It was a beige room, about 10x10 meters in size. A ROBLOXian joined.

N00B5RUL3 joined the game.

N00B5RUL3 is that guy who was on my thread a long time ago. Here's our conversation:

Jason12345: Um...hi.
N00B5RUL3: TH3R3'5 50M30N3 W1TH U5.

Since he talks in Leet speech, it took me a minute to understand that. He said this:

Translation: There's someone with us.
Jason12345: Um...okay...
N00B5RUL3: B3W4R3.
Translation: Beware.

I wondered what he meant until my screen went black. Not the whole screen, just the ROBLOX window. Then suddenly: BAM! A jumpscare right in my face. I made the girliest scream a guy could. (I'm lucky I lived alone by then) I stopped screaming and stared at my screen.

N00B5RUL3: H4H4, 1 5C4R3D Y0U.
Translation: Haha, I scared you.
Jason12345: ...I hate you...
N00B5RUL3 has left the game

I banged my keyboard, making the "y" key pop off. (WHOOPS!) I then typed another message stupidly:

Jason12345: Is anone else here?

I couldn't use the "y' key, since it broke off. (MY COMPUTER IS NOT A MAC) That was all that happened for that day.

March 14th, 2012

I went to, the third game in the thread. In case you forgot what the thread was, then here it is:

Hello There Everybody! I Have Games You Should Definitely Check Out!

There are many games in this thread that looked interesting, so here they are:

It may look like just three games, but it is like a family tree!


The game was actually Catalog Heaven, a game that was 2 years old by now. It had every (well, just about) type of gear, including passive ones and hostile ones. (Example: Flying Magic Carpet and Hyperlaser Gun) Anyways, I got the gears I wanted, and left the spawn room. I was good at Catalog Heaven, as I had played it since 2011. (Sorry I never mentioned that before) I killed 2 players and never saw them again. They were even kicked from the server. This is when people stopped killing others.

JohnTheBestMan1374: Why is everybody rage-quitting like noobs?
Jason12345: The aren't rage-quitting. The're being kicked when killed.

A guy called Qwertyuiop33 killed him with the hyperlaser gun, and he was kicked. It was late at night, so this was the only server on Catalog Heaven.

Jason12345: And that proves the point...

JohnTheBestMan1374 joined back in, and only had one message before leaving again.


It was pretty strange...also, I found a police report from that game. The internet has way too many things remembered...just sayin'.

The Police Report (Still 2012)

Victim: 18 year old teenager killed

Cause Of Death: Fire

Evidence: Burns all over the body

Address: 2991 Oklahoma Road, TN

2012 (STILL...)

I found a lot more police reports, all being different ways to die, and even some of them being framed for suicide! But, since there are a lot of these, I will not show them. Some info about the murders is that they started in 2010 after a man fell to his death in Catalog Heaven, and the police report says that he was stabbed 37 times with a very sharp dagger.

I left the Catalog Heaven game eventually, and ventured deeper into the deep forums. At, I heard faint screaming in the background. Ignoring it, I clicked on a thread that had been made just a couple minutes before I got there.

You're Going Quite Deep, I See...

You should probably stop...I'll show you the ranks left, not including this one:

9. Terror2

10. Terror3

11. DOOM


13. Death1

14. Death2

15. DeathFinal

You are getting awfully should stop...


That brought me back to reality. I quickly went back, through all 8 posts. I needed to hurry up and leave the forums before something bad happened to me.

March 15th, 2012

I woke up and saw a message on my computer. It was from AmyBarbadosForever. It said, "Nothing happens anymore. We are all safe. Thank you." I said you're welcome to AmyBarbadosForever in my head. Nothing happens anymore... nothing bad, she meant. It was all fine now. There was nothing else that was terrifying that was going to happen to me anymore.

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