the Guest

Part 1: How I found the game

I just came up with the idea of searching up creepy names under Roblox games. I searched for scary games, and then I found one that was actually scary. The game I found was never played before. Not even by it's creator. No wonder it was never played before; no badges, no passes, no gear and the game didn't even have a name! It was quite creepy.

Part 2: Nim and the faceless guest

I got onto game and immediately, I saw a player. The player did not have a body or head, it just looked like a blocky ghost. Somehow it was curled in a ball. It apparently saw me and tried to kill me. It killed me like 10 times. I tried to leave the game since Nim would just keep killing me nonstop, but I couldn't leave the game. Every time I tried to leave, Nim would say, "I don't think so". When I finally managed to leave the game, I couldn't get on roblox until the summer of 2013. I went on Roblox everyday, but I couldn't find the game.

Nim in a ball


I have been searching for the game for over a month now, and I finally found it. I wanted to play it, but it was apparently closed to visitors.


I found the game again and it was open to visitors. I played and realized that it was a lot different: Nim was thankfully gone, but there was a guest. it was faceless however. it's name was not on the leaderboard too. I ignored it, and I walked around a dark room. The guest followed me, which creeped me out. Then it said, "do not fear." I left the game because I was a little bit too creeped out.


I had to study, but I wanted to play Roblox really bad. I decided I should play Roblox first, so I played Roblox high school but the game just sent me to a game called, "Don't join."

The game was really messed up. The moment I joined, a player who seemed to be the creator walked up to me saying, "I thought I told you to NOT JOIN." I then left the game but it immediately sent me back to the game. This time, it was just a hallway. Then a guest joined the game. The same guest. Again, he said, "Do not fear."

My computer then shut down entirely, and it wouldn't start up again until a few hours later. I got on Roblox and realized that all of my friends were gone. I also had no player points anymore, my character was faceless like that guest, and my place was gone. After 30 minutes later, everything thankfully showed up again. But I still didn't think it was over... I think the player who created "Don't join" is after me.


My Roblox for some strange reason started to crash, glitch and lag nonstop. I later received a message saying, "You just had to do it didn't you? I would stay away from Roblox if I were you." I thought staying away from Roblox for a while would be a good idea, so I just played other games.


After a while, I played a bit of Roblox again. It was alright. I went to the page of this game called, "Caring Leads To Death" and I thought it would be a funny game. I was wrong. It turned out to be an updated version of "Don't Join". What creeped me out is that the game was made in 2003, which was before the creator of the game had joined Roblox. I decided to play it anyway, just like an idiot.

I was in a white room, and I could see letters scattered across the wall, saying "Caring leads To Death." I just left the game because there was nothing else to do. Then strangely, it sent me to my profile page. Usually, will just send me back to the page of the game. it however didn't bother me though; it happens sometimes. And thankfully, my Roblox wouldn't crash as frequently as it had.

My friend said there was an update but when my Roblox updated, it showed me the old front page from way earlier on. I'm not mad, because I actually love the old-school front page. I then just refreshed my page because I thought that would just kill my boredom, but it loaded up a page, where it said at the top, "Top Games of 2008." It freaked me out because it wasn't even 2008 yet.


Everything turned back to normal, and my Roblox stopped crashing. I was reliefed, and I definately learned my lesson.