GoodMy friends and I were pretty stupid kids. We spent our time on Roblox trolling little kids and Guests, spamming, and all that good stuff. I just logged on into my account after being banned for a week for calling a person a faggot. So I decided to call up my pals Ceasar, Lisa and Mariah. I had my friend Dio over at my place so I told him so get on too. My sister, Erina, begged to be let on with us so I gave into her after her constant begging and let her join us. After trolling people on various games, one game caught my eye. It simply said, " Do Not Play". This made me want to play it even more, although the game looked pretty lame. So I told my friends over the phone to join me in the game. Erina looked a bit frightened by the title ( she is a bit superstitious ) told me to not play it because the title said so. And of course being the jerk brother I was, made fun of her and called her names. I made her play regardless.

Ceasar, Mariah and Dio were already there by the time I clicked play. We were still waiting on Lisa and Erina to join. After about five minutes Lisa joined and Erina right after. There were no other players except us. Come to think of it now this place had no visits and even more strange had been on Roblox since 1998. Even though Roblox had been created in 2006. I had a bad feeling but decided to play on and shrugged it off as a prank. The game started out as an obby. The obby was extremely easy and all of us passed through without even trying. Once we made it to winners, we saw large banner on a wall above the prize givers . It said, " Congrats on winning Joseph, Dio, Lisa, Erina, Ceasar and Mariah. You have won the game. It is very advisable to leave now, for the game gets extremely hard after this. ( in the midst of reading the banner a door appeared and Ceasar walked in without reading the rest of the banner) But if you wish to continue, please enter through this door. But may I warn you, once you enter this door you may not come out until you have completed my tasks". " H-How does this game know our real names?", Dio asked. He was sweating badly after reading the message. ( He was a bit of a pussy when it came to scary games) " Maybe they hacked into our emails and got our names", Mariah blurted. "B- But I don't have a email", Dio replied. My sister logged out immediately after reading. " Whatever we don't need that wuss with us, right Joseph?", called out Lisa. " Yeah I guess not", I typed back.

We walked in through the door and found Ceasar's crushed avatar under a pile of blocks. There was blood seeping out underneat. It looked too real. " Lol, Ceasar got wrecked already", mocked Lisa. She spelled wrecked as rekt. I called Ceasar to poke fun at him but he would not pick up. He is probably raging, I thought. But after a couple minutes of "lols" and "get rekt" jokes, Ceasar's avatar did not respawn. It just layed there under the blocks. Bleeding and bleeding. I got into first person mode to look at his face. It was contorted as if his player let out a scream before it died. It spooked me a little. But I would not let it phase me. Another banner appeared that said, "Unless you want to end up like your friend turn back. You still have time. Please turn back. The door is still open. Please." Lisa and Mariah didn't bother to read it.

I looked up from my computer screen and looked at Dio. He was shaking and sweating profusely. His eyes were glued to the screen. He looked up with tears in his eyes and handed me his phone. He had just recently texted Caesar but his mother texted him back saying that he is in the hospital after some large books he was keeping on his self above his computer fell and gace him a concussion. His player's death was terrifyingly similar to what happened to Ceasar himself. Dio and I knew something was wrong with this game. Another banner appeared. It said, " Why don't you fools listen? But if you want to play I will let you play. I tried to help you. I tried." The door behind us closed. There was no going back.

To Be Continued --------->