Hi! I am the creator of "ROBLOX.EXE 2 PREVIEW," "ROBLOX.EXE 2", "ROBLOX.EXE", and "Roblox Theory" hope you will enjoy, "Discorded Black," I have hidden a lot of Easter Eggs, so look out for them, also put them in the comments below! :D also THE EASTER EGGS ARE IN BOLD

It all started when I was seven I was playing ROBLOX, when my friend, "HappyMan656" was offline. Odd he was never offline. The game said that he was last seen on this game called, "Discorded Black." I clicked on it, and it popped out. The desc. said "DO NOT ENTER, TheCamSack (aka the creator of this place) was never found." I clicked "PLAY" and a NPC was there. The name was, "Discorded Black," he looked at me, and began chasing me. A Faceless Guest was there, too. Then, the rake, Jeff, sonic.exe, and camdyn08 was there, too. All of them were in cages, but one cage was empty. A sign was on all the cages with names. One of them had my name. Discorded Black was there, hurting my health. I walked in the cage, and it closed. Discorded Black was still after me. A text above said, "Now, Welcome To My World!" I tried to "x" out but it was gone. The minimize was gone so was the close button. Laughter was heard in the background, my shut down button wasn't working. Then my computer crashed. It rebooted and "Discorded Black" was deleted for my recent played games. I was the first to survive. My robloxian was gray, and red text was all over it saying "Discorded Black". I screamed, and I never played ROBLOX again.

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