One day i was playing ROBLOX down my neighberhood road on a game named "Weirdness Nightwing Minigames"

Febuary 1st 2015

alright so i disconnected and something happened.. a scream and a creepy picture popped up

the pictures name was YOUMUSTDIENOW.jpg with a tall creature black hair,no eyes,burn marks,gun shots

yeah so the picture was weird and then i heard my front door creaking open i hid in my closet and i looked out and it was gone now not anywhere so i closed the door

Febuary 7th 2015

its in my game i tried to leave but it wont work (cliche) and luckily i wasnt in full screen so i exited it out

but it was in the thumbnail watching me it was even outside i maked sure the doors were locked and they were

Febuary 8th 2015

So i went back to my room and my room was plain black and i passed out while the ambulance was passing by they saw me and took me to the hospital and they said i was fine so i went back home and there was blood written on the walls saying "Help Me" i was creeped out by this and i went to my room horrified and also playing roblox but it was also there again

{LE EDIT} i cant work on this pasta anymore Im sorry to those who were looking forward to it.

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