Before you read

this pasta is fake, all creepypastas are fake, so judge whatever you want.

The Virtual Machine

I'm very happy to finally found a functional DOS installation ISO, so i put it on VMware and installed it. It has a fresh new version of MS-DOS 3.2, so I decided to mess around until I typed "dir".

The "dir" results

As you may know the dir command is to show the directory you're in, this time it showed up a weird program named ROBLOX.COM (command file extension, not DOT COM).

Real ROBLOX and the one hat.

As i typed in "run" in the command box, it rapidly loaded a hyper realistic version of the ROBLOX website, which a DOS machine can't handle. It does even include a cursor so i can navigate around the site. Until I came into a new item named "Happy MS DOS 34th anniversary!" and it costed free, and nobody bought it so I decided to do that. I then wore it and my character became the old man in the "Virus.DOS.Walker" DOS virus. I then shrugged it off, and decided to quit the site, but it refused.

I then decided to restart VMware, it booted up freshly but this time it booted up a Windows 95 installation instead. It was fake though, as it was pixelated and a MS-DOS machine can't handle Windows 95.

Weirdly, the ROBLOX.COM file got deleted and got replaced with aaa.exe, so I decided to run it and it showed up this

"AAA.exe made by unknown ROBLOX user

You have been infected by the AAA virus.

This will prevent you from accessing anything from MS-DOS other than

Enjoy your life of no MS-DOS!"

I got creeped out and instantly restarted the virtual machine to see the payload. It did what it promised. The roblox site showed up instantly and I cannot even see "Starting MS-DOS". I then tried to restart the virtual machine like a million times, and it showed up this:

"Enjoying your no MS-DOS life? [Y/N]"

I quickly pressed N as I hated being infected by DOS viruses.

it then showed this up:

"Regardless of what your choice was, you will still have no way to escape from the AAA virus. He he he. I will now delete all DOS files and you have to live with the ROBLOX site, forever!~~Unknown ROBLOX user that made the AAA virus, copyright 2008."

Then it instantly restarted the virtual machine without my knowledge, and showed up a missing file error and this: "Never trust pirated ISO files or the result will this. I will now delete myself and render your DOS unusable. Farewell."

When I exitted VMware and got to the real, it said my profile has been terminated (not true). I then realized I wasted a total of 30 dollars for this devastating virus.

LESSON LEARNED: Never download pirated ISO files, even if you really need one to experiment VMs.