Hi, today, I saw something horrifying

June 17 2015

OK Now For Something Weird. I was so bored, so Istarted playing roblox, but I saw a message (a friend request) by xXMyCarIsGayXx. I ignored it and I got a message. Here is the conversation.


me:i dont accept requests

xXMyCarIsGayXx: come here

me: WHY IS DUED1 BLACK!? xXMyCarIsGayXx ​: I turned him black i also turned Builderman Roblox Shedletsky And Others black


xXMyCarIsGayXx ​: Yes Way come to this game

Ok, I got into game but it was called Black People by the same dude ​the description said You're Next Guest666Creepy. I was really scared but my




That's the end

P.S my character is good :D Corrected by robloxKILLER10

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