Now I know that there are many urban legends and myths about the mysterious players, the second and third players who ever joined Roblox, John Doe and Jane Doe. Well I hope this doesn't give you any ideas like "oh this is a cliché story" or anything like that, because, what happened to me is true, and I will never forget it. I was playing my first game I made on Roblox called World Trade Center, with my bestie ScreamYelling . We usually played around with admin commands, and that day, we were. The game is a memorial to the September 11 attacks. It has the Twin Towers and a city, a pretty neat city surrounded around it. There's a specific building in the city which has a connection to another building, a skywalk, with an interior. One of the buildings it's attached to is supposed to be a hospital, there is another reason why I hope you don't call this a cliche because of the hospital, but that's beside the point. I saw a semi-transparent figure which looked like one of those noobs' (no offence intended) that first joined Roblox. I was skyping my bestie at the time and I immediately asked him if he saw what I was seeing. He asked for details and at that point, the semi-transparent "noob" disappeared. I was shocked at the time and thought my game was hacked. We immediately left the game and were both confused. I didn't react at the time since I thought nothing about it. That was last year. Yes. 2013. Just a few weeks ago I watched a Roblox myth video about these mysterious players on Roblox called John Doe and Jane Doe who logged off at the exact same day, hour, minute, and second. The video explained how it is theorized that John and Jane are ghosts who watch the players on Roblox. Sometimes even joining games. The worst part was yet to come. I searched up the players on roblox and found horror. John Doe and Jane Doe look exactly like the semi-transparent figure I saw in my game, World Trade center. I was horrified. I could not explain it any further. If you want to see my game World Trade Center for yourself, here is the link to it: The skywalk is by mercy hospital. Just hope you dont see anything semi-transparent....

RobloxScreenShot01052015 205224660
~UPDATE 1-5-15~ So I was playing my newly released roleplaying-game called Spagonia Rolepay 2, based off of Spagonia from the Sonic franchise. I was alone, since my bestie was away at the time. I was starting to get bored after a while when I saw another player. For some reason, his name was not in the server list. I then immediately recognized the mysterious player as John Doe. I was able to take a screenshot.
As soon as I took the screen shot, the mysterious player disappeared. I left the game and went on John Doe's profile, I got a message in my inbox and read it. I was terrified at what I saw. I don't want to take anymore screenshots of things like this anymore.~~~~

~Update, September 2, 2017~ Wow, I wrote this mediocre creepy pasta almost four years ago. I haven't checked back at this wiki page in about 2 1/2 years. I didn't realize it would get this much recognition lol. Well, to set the story straight, many of you are deeming my story as false. Heres the real deal. I actually DID see John Doe in BOTH respective places, but I wasn't able to take a screenshot the second time I saw him, so I cloned him then took a screenshot, but I only did that because it indeed DID happen, I just didn't take a screenshot in time. Oh and, when I saw him for the first time in my WTC game, I actually was unaware of the consistent creepy pastas based on him, I had only seen him in one other instance, when I did the thing where you go on someone's profile and change their ID to see who are the earliest accounts on Roblox. So I wasn't inspired to actually be fearful as I had no idea about John Doe's supernatural fan base. I think you understand what I mean. Okay, enough. This was made almost four years ago. Stop these pointless debates about how ridiculously false this story is. I couldn't believe how far the chronological timeline was from when I actually wrote this story, to the most recent argument. Seriously, some of you are bickering over something written four years prior. So please, once again, stop.

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