∑ˆ˚ˆå (talk) 01:49, June 28, 2016 (UTC)This is a diary of an Haunted Player, I found while I was testing the program TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is an program in which you can view someone elses computer, or mobile. My friend told me about it, and I thought it would be fun to use it.

So while I was using it, I was searching for the computers, while I saw one that I never knew about. It was some strange name of the computer, but I thought it was just gibberish. So I tried connecting there, and it worked. The background was black, and there we're some .txt files and ROBLOX Player, along with Studio. Then I saw a folder called 'My Diary'. There we're some .txt files and also .png files, but they we're corrupted, that had names like 2/10/14. I assumed the names we're dates, when he/she wrote it. When it will be bold it will be me saying things.

The Diary

I copied the text from the files, so here are the diaries.


I had just found an awesome game on the internet! It's ROBLOX and it's like Lego and Minecraft combined! I started playing it when I found it and it is SOOOO cool! I started playing Survive The Disasters, Feed the Noob Cake and other games like that. I'll write more when somethinlg cool happens!

Pretty sure this guy/girl was excited to play this game.


I finally got an friend request from someone, and I accepted it! I also found out you can customize your character! it's amazing! Also, the guy was called Pl4y3r111. Strange name, but I don't care.

He sounds mysterious...


I got to chat and play with him. Since I am a noob, he treated me like I was a beginner. Here's the chat:

Him: Hello.

Me: Hi! wHo are you?

Him: I am a beginner at this game too

Me: Cool! wanna play a game with me?

Him: Sure

Me: Ok, let's go!

After we ended our conversation, he made a party and played some games.

He told me in private chat thingy, that he has HACKS.

Me: srsly dude? hacks? That ruin the fun.

Him: Let's just play without hacks.

Me: Ok.

We played Survive The Disasters, since I didn't know how to play it. But it was easy so we started to play.

After some minutes, the ground disappeared and we fell into the void. It happened 2 more times, until it appeared again. In the private chat, I told him to stop using it.

Me: Dude, stop.

Him: :ban Happyrobloxian5684

After he typed it in, my game froze and a red square appeared on the top saying: DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO

I was scared, so I decided to unfriend him and block him.

That's all for now. I don't want him to show up again.

This is where things start to be creepy. Using hacks is bad kids, but since he did that, it just ruins the game. There is one thing...

How did he changed the text?