I think we all know about the delete tool. That little hammer is a favorite of griefers and unruly guests. But what if i told you it was also used by something else,a darker being?

Chapter 1 - Beginning

The story begins back when ROBLOX had PBS games, in March 2014. I had set up a PBS called "Help me built a landscape!" It was surprisingly popular. Many people joined, including a user called "chris7832832whdhawhd". As soon as he joined, he began building strange structures. They looked really weird, like somebody had been building a house but randomly stopped. The more structures he built, the more glitches and lag the game had. Eventually, he placed a C4 and blew it up, crashing the game. However, this time, the crash screen said "will be mine. xca" The game suddenly went under review for seemingly no reason. However, chris was still in the game even when it was under review.

Chapter 2 - Grand Reopening

After about a month of the game being under review, in the 15th of March, it reopened. However, most of it was different. Many strange structures had been added, and there was a picture in the biggest oddly built structure. It was an almost built lighthouse that had a picture of chris in front of the lighthouse. However, I was not put off by this and immediately reopened it. Quickly, everybody began to join, including chris. However, this time I was ready for him with admin commands and banned him. About 2 minutes later, my admin glitched out and appeared to vanish from the game. 5 minutes after that, chris rejoined. One of the builders, awesomeguy34, got fed up and decided to rally support against chris.

awesomeguy (AG): dude ban him already

me (M): i can't, when i banned him my admin broke and he rejoined

chris: DONT BAN ME

AG: shut up noob

Suddenly, the chat changed into bubble chat. It kept glitching out for a few minutes until this happened.

AG: 7457HL643DP

me: awesome, stop posting random crap please dude.


After that, awesomeguy left. All his structures were gone, which is odd, since PBS servers save buildings. I began to get worried about the state of the server.

M: guys, why did awesomeguy randomly do that? anybody see what happened?

chris: thRE noobae was AsPAamEeEArEW

M: uh, true i guess

iflipz (iF): Me, i saw him go into a house he made. Chris followed him

chris: LIARr

M: well one of you two must be correct and i'm gonna guess it could be iflipz

slickmayne (SM): can we ALL shut up and build? please?

chris: yHea

M: sure!

Suddenly, the bubble chat glitch happened again, only this time i saw it. iflipz was building a treehouse, when chris went towards him with a delete tool. When iflipz got hit with the delete tool, his character distorted and vanished. Then the chat came back.

iF: no878348432092YHGELOOOA

chris: smA3p


chris: you do not have the power

M:but i do, i have admin commands

chris:YOU FOOL

chris:the only reason i was acting like a noob was so i could lure you into this

chris:now,get me something i can delete

chris:consider it your first favour for me

Chapter 3 - Serving Him

I guess I'll be giving chris users for him to delete. I don't know how I fee7 about this.'p3-##;21;5##7#5'568][2#fgd'h]a don't really like to go on this game, but he said I had to. I joined the game and asked if anybody wanted to join my PBS. A couple of people said "Sure!" so I took them along with me. They had lots of lots of lo7335534'#llr#r'y't'yt#. So did chris. HELP..../,. I felt really awful about doing this, but I had to. If I didn't, I would go. He next asked me to go to &yyytg''' Tycoon. I didn't question it. However, it took me 5 minutes to enter the game. I suppose chris used 342******&55 the computewr.

At about this point, the story written by the user seems to cut out to gibberish. This happens for about 18 more lines before resuming.

Day 2

oh god hes going to delete me i can feel it help help

im disappearing



I regret disobeying chris. He's taken over by now. My story will be corrupted and uncomplete, and nobody will get to know the FULL truth. Nobody will know how to prevent him from coming on their game. I can't tell anybody else. Game loading time takes up to 1 hour, and everybody's blocked me. They think I'm a hacker. pleasepleasemakeitstop But I'll be gone soon. In 6 days I will be finished. Dele

The day ends on this paragraph,cutting to day 3.

day 3

i cant make it stop

im corrupting


second by second

minute by minute

hour by hou

Why did chris have to come to my PBS? Why me?



The text cuts out here for the final time.