Part 1: DeadROBLOX

"Lol." I typed into chat. A person had just cracked a joke. I was playing TNT rush. "Hey, lets summon Lua50! You know, that creepypasta!" Someone typed. "No thanks, if that is real, Im not gonna do it." I replied. "fine!" The person said, and he left the game.

I checked his profile the next day, there was no account by that name... I wondered if he really had summoned Lua50. Having read the Creepypasta myself, I decided never to go to that page. I decided to get back into TNT rush. Nobody was in the servers, just one person; DeadROBLOX.

This seemed a lot like a creepypasta that would make a really good story, I thought it might also get onto the "Popular pages" category if I put it up onto the ROBLOX creepypasta wiki. That is why I wrote this.

DeadROBLOX was in every single server. I wondered, "is he a hacker?" My thoughts were confirmed when DeadROBLOX's name switched to "YouAreDead," and back. One more person joined; Builderman. I decided to join, since this was going to be the first time I met a really famous person.

I watched as Builderman got out a classic ROBLOX sword. He then typed, "You will not, and you can not." I didn't know what had happened before, so I just watched. DeadROBLOX typed, "ROBLOX is the worst, that is why I must rid the world of it." Builderman replied with a simple "no." He then used the sword. He slashed at DeadROBLOX, but DeadROBLOX teleported away. "He's a hacker Builderman, just ban him!" I typed into chat. "He will just open another account." Builderman replied. "Hm" I typed back. "ITS TIME TO DIE, BUILDERMAN!" DeadROBLOX shouted into chat in all capital letters. "But somewhere else. TNT rush wouldn't be very dramatic and cool. :/" He then typed in an admin command to teleport, and he was gone. Builderman sighed.

"Come, 2 is better than 1." Builderman typed to me. Loleris then joined. Loleris asked us, "Where is everyone? There should be a lot of people in this game." Then a whole crowd of people joined Loleris. "There we go." Loleris typed. All of the crowd shouted things like "LOLERIS NOTICE ME!" or "BE A FOLLOWER!" and some of them; "ACCEPT MY FRIEND REQUEST!" This had been the most things said in chat on the server. Loleris shouted one word, "Silence." The crowd stopped at once. "We need to get rid of DeadROBLOX, or else all of ROBLOX will be destroyed, completely." Loleris stated. There was 2 groups of people, the kind that was shouting "TAKE ME! TAKE ME," and the crowd of people that was typing "No way! I don't want to die or whatever might happen!" It then went into the "Musical Blocks" Gamemode. "First let's play this." I typed.

After that, we left the game. We all checked where DeadROBLOX had gone. He had gone to Welcome to ROBLOX Building. We all joined just in time to see him type a kick command for everyone. Since we were in there right when he typed that, we were kicked out too. We rejoined the game. DeadROBLOX was gone. We tried to escape, but it went into full screen. Do you know the statue that is in Welcome to ROBLOX Building? Well the humanoid said "This is your eternal prison." Shedletsky joined. Builderman then said, "Great, now you're stuck here too." "What happened?" Shedletsky asked, as he got out a drumstick gear and started to eat it. Builderman replied with "DeadROBLOX trapped us." The game started to glitch. "He's done it, he's killed ROBLOX... He's killed David..." Builderman said gravely. ROBLOX then crashed.

Part 2: The Escape

We were floating in sort of a vortex. Everyone was screaming for dear life, because we were moving through the vortex at full speed. "What is this place?" Builderman yelled to me. "I don't know! Figure it out yourself!" I yelled back. We flew through the vortex for about 5 minutes until we were finally spat out it. We were now stuck in a void like area.

"Man, why did this have to happen to us?" I asked. "I don't know, maybe because we're totally normal people that want to live a normal life?" Builderman shouted into chat. Shedletsky replied with, "Well, we don't have a normal life, we have a ROBLOX life where we are admins and we are probably the most popular people besides David himself on ROBLOX."

"Fair point," Builderman said.

Loleris startled all of us by shouting, "Hey! What's this weird thing?" He had something that looked like a distorted version of a normal ROBLOX door. I floated over to it, and slowly drew my hand closer to the knob. As my hand drew nearer, the less distorted the ROBLOX door looked, until I had finally touched the knob, and the door was completely stabilized. "Uh, I don't know if we should turn that knob," Shedletsky said in an uneasy tone. Loleris then said, "man, this is all turning into a cliche."

I turned the knob, not knowing what was on the other side, but taking the risk. Once I opened the door, a burst of bright light shined onto us. The sun, and the clouds, and all of the things we used to know, were all there, until, it all changed in a matter of seconds.

Instead of the happy environment. The clouds were dark, and screams were heard everywhere, the world of ROBLOX was at war. "What the... Wasn't there a happy nice place here just a minute ago?" Builderman asked. "I don't even know anymore," I replied. We all walked through the firing of guns and got to shelter.

"What now?" I asked.

"We fight, for David." Shedletsky replied.

We all shouted to the world, "FOR DAVID!"



Part 3: The Fight

As we walked out into the battlefield, an explosion was heard, along with more screaming. "LetS go to the safe plase," a random noob said in the distance, unheard by anyone. I looked behind me, our shelter had been blown up. "Well, it was a good thing we got out of there before we all got blown up," I stated. "Well, we'd just respawn, so... Meh," Builderman replied. "Wait, why can't we just close ROBLOX and not deal with this?" Shedletsky asked. "Because we are the main characters of a story, we don't wanna disappoint people, now do we?" Loleris told Shedletsky. "I actually don't really care," Shedletsky replied.

Then, a random person called 'Deathroblxfan666' joined. "So, is this like, GTA ROBLOX?" He said. "No, my friend, this is not GTA ROBLOX," Shedletsky replied. "Oh, ok," Deathroblxfan666 said, then he left the game.

"Welp, is this considered cliche by now?" Loleris asked. Sonic.exe then popped up. "Yep, definitely cliche," Sonic.exe told us. "Well of course it's cliche with YOU here!" Loleris shouted at Sonic.exe. "Sorry... I'll just... Leave... And be treated like garbage... And have my ears bleed because of sanic... And go fast with Sonic.... And-" "Yeah, yeah, yeah we know 'Ohhh you have such a bad life!' Uh, you're a game character, we don't really care," I said. "That's it I quit," Sonic.exe then left the game.

"So, are we gonna fight? Or what?" Builderman asked. "Yeah, but we have no weapons!" I replied. "Actually, I found some snipers, are those gonna work?" Loleris said. "Yep those will work PERFECTLY," Shedletsky told Loleris. Loleris then gave us the snipers, and we set off to war.

"Ok, let's test this thing out," I said, as I shoot the sniper at a wall, suddenly, the sniper went all pixelated, and it's texture degraded into a script. "Oh no, it's glitching, don't let it touch you!" Shedletsky shouted. I threw the sniper at the wall, making the wall start to glitch. The glitch then spreaded to the ground, it slowly crept up onto us. "Well, that isn't good," Builderman stated. "Uh, DUH! It's spreading!" Loleris shouted.

The noob that was previously stated a little earlier ago walked up to us. "hAi guys follow 4 #####?" The noob asked derpily. "Not now, this is war!" Shedletsky yelled. "Coldnt you just, you know, exit ## of the ### ore ######?" The noob asked. "Uh.... I actually don't know what you said, because you only said hashtags," Shedletsky stated. "Ug! i hat it ### dat hapens!!" The noob told us. A Guy then got out a sniper, and shot at the noob, making the noob fall into pieces. "### peopl my #############!!1" The noob shouted as he slowly dissolved. "If only I knew what he was talking about," Shedletsky said.

"Oh, btw, remember when this was a lot more child appropriate?" I asked. "Yeah, but, we already got snipers, so, can't really go back to that," Loleris told me.

Suddenly, a message GUI appeared. "You're all stuck here, Pathetic. We're gonna play a game, and I know that sounds like a cliche, but it's true, and I know that sounds like a Lego Movie Reference, but this is ROBLOX, not Lego, so, back to what I was previously talking about, the game we are gonna play is a surviving game, if you die in this game, your ROBLOX account gets terminated. Good luck!"

The game went into fullscreen, and since you can't get out of full screen in ROBLOX, we were stuck here. I tried to press escape, but all that did was make text saying "No" pop up. The glitch was still spreading, and we were running out of room to be safe in. Of course there were some people who wouldn't stop killing people, because they could.

"Welp, this is now known as ' The ROBLOXian Hunger Games." Builderman told us.

PART 4: The ROBLOXian Hunger Games COMING SOON

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