It Was Monday , i Decided To Play Roblox My Favourite Game I Was On Dragon Ball Rp Legends I Played A Few Minutes And Then Someone Joined Named DeadcartmMaN hmm wierd name i wonder why no one reported him yet? Anyway He said something in the chat he said You Made A GRAvE Mistake Joining i was thinking that he is joking but everyone said WTF , What , Shut Up and more He Left. The Game Lagged A Lot After He Left Now Everyone Was Scared Including Me Then Then The Game Crashed I Looked For His Profile: Roblox Said No Results Were Found , I Creeped Out Even More , I Decided To Forgot But After A Few days passed my computer had a virus it was named DeEaDCaRTmA.N I Throwed My pc out of the window beacause of that i byed a new one now i still have nightmares if you see someone named DeadcartMaN Then Left The Server As fast as you can

The End