WARNING:This is totally a ripoff.

It looks like TIX readded from the commenter below.I REALLY took it from him.

Creepypasta:Daily ROBUX

When TIX got removed,i decided to ask roblox for daily robux.Next day,i had just 2 ROBUX.Next day others 2,and i was saving up to 100.

When i reached 100,i decided to buy something in the catalog.There was only one item,with 20 robux.You could buy 2 of each.It had a \/\/ as a name and an icon as a \/\/ text.I bought 2,and i went to othe avatar.I had nothing else than that.I decided to wear one,and nothing happened.I wore the other,and then,for 1 minute,it did NOTHING.Then the page turned black and white,with 10 messages.9 were empty,while 1 said:You're next

I was scared,and then,i reloaded.It was all bloody,with a creepy face.In seconds,i heared a window breaking,and then,bricks falling.The house was alright.One window was only broken,and a brick with a paper with a drawn knife.I locked into my room,and opened the PC again.It showed the same face in the backround.After,i opened google chrome.It said:BYE GOOGLE.It said:WEBPAGE NOT AVIABLE everywhere.I opened my folder,and only a roblox studio game named \/\/ as the t shirt was there.I opened it,and it was the T shirt text.I opened toolbox,and i only had a model called \/\/ is BACK.Then whenever i deleted something,or used any tool,a voice said:\/\/ IS BACK.And when i closed the game,the computer and all lights closed.Another same voice \/\/ is BACK came.

When i played ROBLOX again,after months,in every game i played,everyone was named \/\/ AND me.Every block was red,and every gear.Everyone had a black burnt skin.

I am still scared.....

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