I am a huge fan of ROBLOX and I know almost every game on the website, ROBLOX High School, Club Sanity, and many more! but this game, it had changed my life, and this is the day I quit ROBLOX forever, I was searching for some Horror Games to play, and one appeared that actually looked scary, it was called "666" I saw the creator was on, his name was apparently DONTRUNFROMME666. I shrugged it off as a Joke Name and started up the game, when I entered, I saw the creator, his skin was fully black, I typed in the chat and said "Hello???" he replied with "Hello, Micheal =)" my heart sunk as I saw this message, I replied back saying "How do you know my name?" he quickly responded back with "LET'S PLAY A GAME MICHEAL, IT'LL BE FUN! =)" my game then crashed and all the lights in my house turned off, I heard a demonic laugh and I said "WHO'S THERE???" the demonic being replied with "DON'T BE SILLY MICHEAL, IT'S ME =)" I quickly ran into the basement, but I was blocked by a black figure with red eyes, I quickly ran back into the kitchen to grab a knife, I ran back to find the figure gone, I looked behind me to find the figure strangling my dog, I attempted to stab the figure, and to my surprise, he disappeared, back into the game I think, I went back on my computer and checked the place, he was still on, I didn't dare to go on ever again, I have the link to the game still, if you dare, enter it, the Black Figure won't harm you, but he will only talk to you...

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