Okay. This is my second real creppypasta. The guy called DJTavas got banned. Enjoy and take popcorns!

Part 1.

I played ROBLOX as i everytime do (Now i dont play). I loved horror games. Not singleplayer ones.. I finded a game called Ed Gein's house. I played it and i finded two players. Djtavas and rejcar1234. I entered the house and finded some stuff. and bloody stuffs

Part 2.

Me and rejcar1234 became friends. We bullied djtavas becouse of his game. He said we will regret. A human with a mask (aka Ed gein. Leatherface) chased us with a chainsaw. He only chased rejcar1234 for a reason.

Part Finale.

Ahh.. The fresh fresh finale!

Couple of months or days. I checked djtavas's profile. His blurb is in Russian. I translated it. The last word i know in translation is, Mommy?

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