A long long time ago, me and my friend decided to play ROBLOX.

We both made accounts and played some games. After that, We saw a game on the front page called DEMONSAREREAL. We thought it was a joke, but as soon as we got in. Silence, It was all dark and silent.

There was only one person in the game with us, and he was typing in the chat "HELP"

The guys name was "DEMON" He came over to us, His face was all black and had red on him.

We got scared and tried to get out of the game, But we couldn't. The red X button was locked, we we're trapped.

DEMON killed my friend, i was scared.

The red button was unlocked

Demon's name changed to Angel.

The last thing he said was "be free."

I left the game.

I haven't seen my friend ever since, he's never online on skype.

His family was gone, and the house was abandoned.



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