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hello, my ROBLOX account name is jory59 and today I am going to tell you about an account that freaked me out.

August 10, 2014

I was playing ROBLOX and all of the sudden everybody left the game, Including my friend, a guy named cooldude456456 walked up to me and said "YOU ARE GONE" and my game crashed. This happened in 2014, but It said this guy stopped playing in 2008, weird right.

August 11, 2014

One day later, I had another encounter with him, I noticed I got a friend request, it was from cooldude456456, i declined, but then I got a message that said "YOU CANT ESCAPE", and there was a link to a game. I clicked It, It looked like the Town of Robloxia and It said it was created by 1dev2, so why would cooldude456456 send me a link to a normal game? I saw that I got a party request from him, I declined, but that didn't do anything, I saw what he said on the party, "watch your self, or you will face my raft", I was really freaked out, that was the last time I saw him, I hope you never face him like I did.