Hello, I am Mario AKA Mario1999562 AKA M95. I created this wiki in 2012, thinking it would cool to create a separate Creepypasta branch dedicated to ROBLOX (ROBLOX was removed completely from the real Creepypasta wikia.) At the time, ROBLOX was my common favorite, I played it a lot ever since I created my account on August 31st, 2008. As time passed though, The quality dropped in a few contributions, and the idea came to me that it was silly creating this Wikia. ROBLOX can't be creepy nowadays or even at all if you think about it. As DarkSwarm said, even if it wasn't full of little kids it still wouldn't be creepy. This is thus the reason why I'm continuing on. I won't be active as much. DaisyPeachPower will be the active one around here now. We are not shutdown but I won't be on as much. - Mario

Off Topic

If anyone would really like to contact me or something of the sort for conversation reasons or something of that sort, information is listed below:

Skype: arthurharveylolz

Steam: FHRGamer12

YouTube: Mario1999562

Until next time. (Probably not)

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