I was logging on roblox, to see if there was any new games that I could play, when I looked over at my message notifications. I saw that I had 2 new messages, and thought, "Not another damn Advertisement" I checked my messages to find one advertisement of a group. And one message, containing one link, to a roblox game. I had a look a the game, to check out what it was. The name was originaly a helpful letter, but what I saw, can not be described. I pressed play, and saw a horrible place.

It was cool at first, but after a while, I felt as my sanity, was being sucked out of me. It was completely dark, with a little light on the ground, and if you walked around, you couldn't see what was infront of you, or behind you. I quitted the game, and started doing homework, and thought nothing more of it. But, I logged on roblox, to find a new message. The message came from a random person. His name was █████hter, which I found disturbing. I saw his topic was. "That Content deleted game." I suddenly got a shock. How did he know I played the game?

He said to me. "If you played that creepy game. I'm so sorry for you. I had to suffer as well..."

I froze up, as I read this. It had only been 10 minutes since I played that game. How did he know I played it?

I replied, "How do you know I played that game." I waited for an answer, but the answer never came. What is the meaning of this? He isn't my friend, so he couldn't know...

I looked at his profile, to see that his memo was, "The definition of evil is: ███████████████/help██l-l█tt█r" Why would he know this? Why would he know that I visited it, after 10 minutes? He had also favorited the game, which made me even more disturbed.

I said to myself, it was probably nothing, and closed roblox for the day.

My second mistake, was joining that game again. I wanted to figure out more, so I went on it again. When I joined, I walked around, in the nothingness. Suddenly, I got an orange screen saying a code or something. I couldn't move my mouse, and this was the freakiest part about the story. I managed to close the game, to get a big glitchy sound in my headset. This was AFTER I closed the game. This freaked me out, and it is hard to write, because my hands are shaking. How could that happen.

Please do not join this game. This is a warning.

I've censored some parts, because I don't want people to join it. and to keep people privacy.

This is a true story. Again. DO NOT JOIN THE GAME.

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