One day I was just playing roblox, like always. I looked through the comments of a new game and one said "Hey, NEVER JOIN A SERVER OF THIS GAME ALONE!!" As the idiot I was, I went to a server alone. After I roamed around for about 20 minutes, I saw a player join. His name was "YOUARENEXT12345X" He said, You are next.... He forced me to comment on the game, giving it a good review. The comment about joining it alone changed to "Best game ever!" I was horrified of this. I still had the memory about the old comment. "Why are you doing this?" I said "I will tell you.. My story..." He said. It shown a character. He was making a game. A bully joined, named xepicepicdudex. He said, "Your game looks horrible, it is like all the horrible games barfed!" The bully said. He grabbed out a linked sword, stabbing the bully over and over. Blood splattered all over the grass. The bully's account was never to be seen again, but you can still see his profile. Then there was a loud scream out of nowhere and my computer crashed. When I got back on, my roblox account was deleted and there was many comments of me saying good reviews.